Yard Report 7 July 2023

view of my backyard, showcasing N American native perennials, shrubs, bird feeders, and 2 bird baths on stumps.

(And now for somethign more cheerful. My yard. Where it is cool enough and clear enough to be.)

A pair of sparrows are flirting in the new catmint patch, (again, this is, like the third day running for Little Brown Bird Courting) and they could not be more adorable.

Meanwhile beside my patio, the lettuces that sprouted from the bolted remains of last year’s crop now going to seed themselves. They’re quite decorative, actually, & I love that I have unintentionally created a self-sustaining supply of greens. (Okay, let’s face it. I just love my yard, period.)

Anyway. This fall & next spring I think I’ll add a bunch of cabbage, chard & collard seeds into the same patch & let them battle it out for supremacy. <narrator voice> WHO WILL REIGN VICTORIOUS IN THE BATTLE OF THE GARDEN GREENS?

In other news, all of this season’s plantings are doing great now, thanks to the deep soak they got Sunday and yesterday. I still watered the latest batch all every day, but they do so much better when they get at least one day free of sun beating down on them to get their roots settled.

This just in: the button bushes are gonna bloom after all! I thought the frost had nipped back their growth too far, but they’re just running late. Once they recovered from their frost they really took off and have tripled in size. Taking the “leap” part of “leap season seriously.

And I estimate the redbud has grown about a meter and a half so far this season. So. Far.

Can’t wait to see what all these plants do next. I’ll keep everyone updated.

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