Yard adventure season

Did I just spend an hour wandering around a yard that can be circumnavigated in under 3 minutes?

Maybe. It is a small yard.

Okay, yes. Yes, I spent an hour meandering about, discovering & admiring sprouts, talking to bees, & plotting out my next round of planting & transplanting.

Good times. No regrets. A yard is meant to be enjoyed, right?

This yard has come a long way in 3 years

When we moved in, there was a screen house, which was nice in principle but old & sketchy in practice (SPIDERS, ripped screens, a lot of moldy wood) The lawn was thin & soggy, and a lot of weeds languished in solid clay garden beds.

Now there’s a patio with shade, chairs, a table, a firepit, a chair in the OTHER part of the yard where there’s shade when the rest is sunny, and most importantly, there is SOIL & DRAINAGE.

Which means I’ve finally reached the fun part of gardening at last, and I’m planting things like wild. Also transplanting things that I knew I wanted when the drainage work & rain garden plantings were put in, but didn’t know where I wanted them to be permanently.

(also replacing a few “dammit, I need to put something here to get the soil established but nothing I want is available because pandemic” plants)

We’re going to have our 3rd fire of the season tonight & invited over friends. That will be fun. People-y fun, but still fun.

It is wonderful to have an outdoor plant-inhabited haven again.

view from a gray paver patio, past the corner of a wooden pergola across a lawn t a garden bed full of green plants.

And now, the part of that post that makes the SEO analyzer happy. Additional words, some outbound links, and a picture.

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