Worldcon 2016 Day 1

I’m here! WOO! That’s my badge. It’s real.

there’s a story behind the Wayne NJ thing. I’ll save that for another time.

Hello, Kansas City! Hello, MidAmeriCon2! I got checked in, got badged,  hung out at the Wordfire Press booth for a couple of hours and sold a thing, then had dinner with my friend Bill who made this WorldCon visit possible. And I got to meet Bill’s friends Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon. I did not faint or have twitchy convulsions of awe and geek overload at the introductions or at any point afterwards. Be proud of me. I am. They are wonderful, kind, ineresting, neat and all around superlative people.

We did not dine at the BBQ place I found randomly on Google. (Somehow I got put in charge of finding a restaurant.) ANYWAY. Tim Kaine was eating at The Freight House–or so we were informed–so it was full. And there were guys with Secret Service vests frisking everyone, and 1.5 hours was Too Long. So… Ended up right next door at a great German restaurant I wish was closer to home. Yes. I went to barbecue country to get delicious kasespatzle. (German version of mac & cheese, heavenly stuff.) I’ll mention the restaurant name when I remember it. The restaurant host and our server were both big science fiction & fantasy fans. Travel day summary: pretty successful start.

Here’s the booth. Wordfire Press. Home of great authors. I know Mercedes Lackey will be there, and Kevin J Anderson, and many more. (If you haven’t read anything by Dave Butler or Quincy J Allen, I recommend them both, btw)

Come visit if you’re at the con. I have purple hair. Hard to miss.