Where is my cat?

No, seriously. Ah! There he is.

This is a question I ask multiple times every day. The short answer is, “Hiding,” and/or “Somewhere he shouldn’t be.”  Scooter is going on 17 years old, he’s arthritic, and he sleeps 20+ hours a day, but he hasn’t lost his talent for disappearing when not watched.

I keep hoping he’ll take a nap on top of my books so I can slip in a promo opportunity, but he only rubs his cheeks on them and purrs. I suppose that’s a sign of approval, but it isn’t photogenic.

Below you will find documentation of his sit spots from the last week. Every day brings new decisions.

That’s it. My favorite is the one where he’s pulling off a great cosplay of Le Chat Noir from the classic Art Nouveau poster. The older he gets, the greater the resemblance.

And that’s where my cat has been lately.

By K. M. Herkes

Author, gardener, and cat wrangler.