Want to know what I sound like?

I don’t know why anyone would want to listen to two 5-minute practice readings from my work in progress, (Heartwood)  but if you do, here they are.

Jack & Heather in the park part 1:


Jack & Heather in the park part 2:


Yes, I know. They aren’t great. Yes, I could edit out the sibilance & word stumbles.

Making a perfect audio wasn’t my goal. My plan: read the material aloud enough times to know the speaking rhythm well enough to avoid those mistakes–but not so many times it sounds like a memorized recitation. That was my first pass. There will be more.

A certain amount of swearing may occur.

Fun times.

Disclaimer: The header photo is not a picture of me reading. That is a CC0 royalty-free stock photo from Pixabay.com.  I don’t look at all like that. Also I made recordings using my pocket-sized supercomputing personal tracking device…uh, my mobile phone.