If you’ve landed here, you clicked a link somewhere out in the wild interwebs that connected to my old blog. (edit: Or you are the lucky recipient of a bookmark/business card with my old address. I have handed out a few cards over the years.)

So, then. Welcome to my new site. I said my fond farewells to the old place on Blogger.  It was worn around the edges and smelled faintly of mold and stale coffee. I outgrew its confines and needed room to grow. All material from the old blog is live-live-live here at dawnrigger.com. If you seek a particular post, go straight to the search box at the bottom of this page and hunt it down by keywords.  Or click on the Stuff & Nonsense tab to see the latest blog posts.

Please make yourself at home:  click http://dawnrigger.com  to reach the new landing page, all official and everything, or try out my other fancy menu tabs up top. You’ll find all sorts of gorgeous art inspired by my characters, book reviews, lists, and many other fun things I’ve designed or written.

Final note: yes, the new site header says Storysculpting, even though the domain is dawnrigger.com. And my name is K.M. Herkes.  How to explain the complications… mmm….ah!  Think posh, as in names like “The Estates of Scrivener’s Hill” or “The Shops at Fairwinds.” All the cool places have a million extra names like that.

I want this to be a cool place, so I have to start somewhere.