Achievement Trophies

Goals are intimidating. Games are fun.

Seriously. Traditional to-do lists & aspirational goals only depress me, but I’ll go above & beyond for a silly prize with an amusing name.

This list is periodically updated as I think of new challenges for myself.

Current Categories:

Creative Achievements:

🔒 You Never Know
Write & publish a story using only second-person POV

🔒 See My Name In Lights
Receive a short story acceptance from a SFWA qualifying market.

🔒 Never Put Away Childish Dreams
Write & publish a middle grade or picture book

🏆 Take It Out Of The Trunk!
Complete a novel & publish it.

🏆 Behind Closed Doors
Write an erotic-themed scene or full short story

🏆 I Did This!
Write & publish a story using only a single first-person POV (NOt only did I do this, but the story eon a contest!)

🏆 Good Things Come In Threes…Or Fours or Fives
Complete a trilogy or longer series

Sales Achievements

🔒 I Know Nothing About It
Someone buys my books with no persuasive input from me or anyone I know.

🔒 28 Days Later
A whole MONTH with online sales or loans each day.

🏆 Stranger Not Danger
First paperback book purchased by someone I didn’t know before or after the sale.

🏆 Trust Me!
First paperback sale based on reader-to-reader recommendation. (Outside my circle of friends and friends of friends.)

🏆 And On The Seventh Day
A whole week with online sales or loans each day.

🏆 Happy Meal
A monthly royalty total big enough for lunch at McDonalds.

🏆 Short Stack
A monthly royalty from online sales big enough for Sunday brunch with a guest.

🏆 Cause For Celebration
A monthly royalty big enough for dinner with a guest at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse

🏆 Human Chess Game
Sell enough copies of a title that readers could each be a board piece

🏆 Soccer Mom
Sell enough copies of a title to field two opposing football teams.

🏆 Bench-clearing Brawl
Enough sales to account for two full hockey teams, coaches, trainers and refs all on the ice at once. (that’s 50, for those keeping score)

🏆 Welcome To the Matrix
Enough sales to make SFWA membership a reality.

Whimsical Achievements

🔒 But Will It Play In Peoria?
Books in at least one library in every state

🔒 Welcome To The Neighborhood
Shelfie of my book being stocked in an independent bookstore

🏆 Hometown Hero
See my books on the shelves of my local public library.

🏆 A Happy State Of Mind
My books get into libraries throughout Illinois

🏆 The Truth Is Out There
First Review of a title by someone I do not know.

🏆 Meaning Of The Universe
Achieve 42 total reviews for any one title

🏆 Can’t Please Everyone
First 2-star review

🏆 It’s So Shiny!
Receive a shelfie of my book from a happy reader

🏆 No News Is Good News
First 1-star review

🏆 Haters Gonna Hate
Multiple 1-star reviews for a single title

Social Achievements

🔒 YOU Look Familiar
Someone cosplays a character from one of my books.

🔒 Mutual Admiration Society
My writing inspires a professional artist to make original fan art

🔒 Come As You Are
A book release party with cake where guests can dress up as my characters (or not)

🔒 They Like me!
An invitation from a convention to attend as a Guest Professional

🔒They Really, Really Like Me!
An invitation from a convention to attend as a GUEST OF HONOR

🔒 Do I Know You?
Someone tells me about this cool author who writes the Restoration series & the Rough Passages Chronicles

🏆 That Sweet, Sweet Sound
Someone writes & performs a filk song related to/referring to one of my books or worlds or characters

🏆 This Looks Familiar
Someone writes fan fiction based on my worlds or characters.