Today in silly cat behavior

brown longhaired cat eating from a food dish while lounging inside a covered cat bed.

When Mister Pips is upset with me, he grabs kibble from his dish a mouthful at a time, carries it to the middle of the room, & ostentatiously crunches it down while glaring at me.

He gets brushed? Spite bite.
Remove him from the counter? Spite bite.
Refuse him tuna? Spite bite.

I trimmed his nails today. All morning it’s been: SO ANGER, MOM. WITNESS THE EATING!

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3 responses to “Today in silly cat behavior”

  1. Susan S-F Avatar

    Poor Mr. Pips – he lives such a tough life. 🙂

    1. K. M. Herkes Avatar

      He has grievances. SO MANY grievances, lol.

  2. Karen Creamer Avatar
    Karen Creamer

    Honor the Pippen. He is royalty. (Spite Bite. <3 )