The Latest Plan (iteration 1,766,493)

storysculpting header 2 brushes and paints

My favorite bloggers run regular features. John Scalzi has his Big Idea posts, M. A. Ray shares lovely Sunday Snippets of of her epic fantasies, another blogger does helpful Weekend Writing Resources posts, etc.  It’s a clever concept I’ve long wanted to use. Topical posts tend to be short and pithy, and my blog could use a dose of organization. Alas, I also lack focus.

Various experiments have failed. I write much too slowly to do scheduled excerpts, and explaining procedures or processes– the practical bread & butter of many writer’s blogs–holds zero appeal. I’m not in the advice business. Planning structured reviews makes me twitchy, and “random rant” isn’t something one can plan. I  was stumped.

Then it hit me. I write about imaginary realities all day long, I spend a lot of words on personal experiences navigating the authoring world, and I track my media consumption to better gauge its effects on my creations. Those are categories, even if they are as broad as the ocean is wide. Problem solved.  I’ll do what I’m already doing, only define it better and offer it in smaller chunks.

So here we are.

Ongoing, I’ll post to two feature categories on a regular basis.  I have three already set:  Worldbuilding, Storysculpting, and Other Things. I may add a category or two later. Yelling At the Sky comes to mind. Each category will get a feature preview image.  I’ll save myself all the time I now lose on Pixabay. (plug for Pixabay! My go-to source for beautiful, free CC0-licensed images.)

Housekeeping notes:

  1. right now Sometimes I Do Other Things is a blog on its own, but since I’m throwing open “the main blog” on to general interest, there’s no point in maintaining both.  Adjust your follow preferences accordingly.
  2. The task reorganizing blog categories, tags, and sidebar widgets sits right above vacuuming in my mental hierarchy of necessary but avoidable chores. I don’t expect to get it done quickly. But it will happen.

And that’s all for now. I will leave you with a lovely advertising graphic for my audio books. (Because I can, that’s why.)  Be warned: if you touch it you will be transported to my author page, where listening temptations live. You have been warned.

Fall audio things