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What have I been up to? The obvious answer is, of course, “about 5 foot 4 inches,” but let’s skip the silly stuff & get straight to business.

Dragon Con was a blast, so I am putting “apply to be an attending professional”  back on my list of Things To Do for 2025. I’d crossed it off my list because the last year before pandemic, the environment was just Too Much Muchness. This year? Just the right amount of muchness. The organizers put an attendance cap in place, and it makes all the difference. The plan is to keep attendance capped for the foreseeable, so that’s a big happy.

I doubt it’ll be next year, though. Glasgow World Con is my big dream goal for 2024. Plus we have a cruise with friends planned for the fall. I always want to Do All The Things, but realistically and financially, it just isn’t going to happen.

The other happy element of the Final Summer Trip: Spouseman drove us there & back, which takes twice as long as flying  but isn’t much more expensive even counting in obscenely expensive parking–AND it’s only half as exhausting.  For me, anyway. Since Spouseman says he enjoys driving, that’s a win all around.

Might be more cons in my future if Spouseman decides he’s interested in driving me to them. Especially if we can train the cat to enjoy the travel & come hang with us in the hotel rooms.  (Because leaving the cat at home is the hardest part of traveling.) Pips is very mellow  & he does enjoy his trips to the vet, weird creature that he is. There are plans in place to start training him for car trips. Fingers crossed.

It’s been non-stop busy since getting back, for good reasons & not-so-good, and the autumn’s only going to get busier with several projects all moving from “Want to do it someday” to “Holy Shit, this is actually happening.” 

I really need to start making more lists.

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