Thanks, cat.

Mister Pips has an internal PLAY NOW clock that goes off at 07:30, plus or minus 15 minutes. That’s an hour or so before my preferred wakeup, but I enjoy our cuddle time. I routinely set my alarm clock for 07:00 so I’m drowsing awake before the 9 kilo cat sits on my chest and “mmrYOWWs” directly in my face.

Thus I was awake Friday AM when the across-the-street neighbors’ concrete crew started work an hour early. (still w/in legal noise hours! I feel obligated to mention that. They started at 7:00 exactly.) Pneumatic drill, generator motor, dump truck, skid steer, & a chorus of competing backup beepers provided the soundtrack for today’s edition of “Get off the desk, dammit.”

The noise distracted Pips away to the front windows, and I fell back asleep, only to be awakened by A New & Unexpected Loudness at 08:00. I joined Pips at the window to investigate, and lo, there was big equipment on MY lawn. Also a big trash can.

What the heck? Why is the crew putting stuff on my lawn? Why didn’t they ask first?


Because that equipment belonged to a crew working on MY yard, that’s why. Surprise, early arrival of our Awesome New Landscapers!

TBF, they had said they’d be coming around “soon” to do Annual Yard Things I don’t want to buy tools for and/or can’t physically manage anymore (deep-edging & clearing debris from all the many beds, plus de-thatching, coring & overseeding the remaining lawn.)

I just hadn’t realized “soon” would be the day immediately after I put through the deposit. LOL.

It took a crew of 3 people with Big Power Equipment 3+ hours to do the first half of the job. That makes me feel much less self-indulgent about splurging on the expense of having others do what I know how to do.

With the muscle labor done, I can use my limited joint tolerance for planting more clover, rousting out invasive weeds, and putting in more perennials before the team in charge of mulch, boulders, & organic fertilizer comes by.

Next week. Perhaps with prior notice, perhaps not. It’ll be fine either way. Pips will make sure I’m awake.