I have several works of short fiction floating around the interwebs. I’ve linked  them all here for you to explore and enjoy. These are all free to read at their destination sites. Apologies for any broken links: the internet is a shifty-changing place.

Up On The Roof: 

A tale about a little girl, a big gargoyle, and the power of belief. Won second place in the first annual Kraken Awards contest held by The Devilfish Review. Published June 2015.

Roundup (Psalm 10)

A Rough Passages Tale with no ties to the developing timeline. Published online in the inaugural issue of the J. J. Outre Review, January 2015.

Knee-High to a Grasshopper

A fantasy short story published in Far Horizons magazine Issue 10, January 2015. Available in pdf form here.

Spooky Flash Fiction

One undine, one demon dog, and a portal to the abyss. Posted on Storysculpting in November 2014.

Those Who Can

A fantasy short story serialized across three issues of Far Horizons:
September 2014
Halloween Issue 2014
December 2014

Midnight Call:

A Rough Passages one-off. Published in Far Horizons Magazine, June 2014.