Random thoughts

True love means harmonizing the songs of separate lives. I do not stop singing my own song simply because my partner sometimes bellows off key. This is a metaphor, by the way. Spouseman has a wonderfully resonant tenor singing voice.

Did anyone else watch Wonder Woman doing WWI battle action and think, “Hey, she’s the team tank?” That was my first thought.   In both the main battle scenes she drew aggro from the boss enemy so her DPS teammates can pick off the mobs/adds. And in another scene her team gets together to specifically launch her at the enemy. Literally.

Games have always shaped culture. It’s just getting more visible.

In case you wonder what I mean when I mention I’m pickling things, this is my basic recipe.

Pickling mixture
1/2 cup distilled white vinegar
2 tablespoons sugar
1-2 tsp salt
1/2 cup hot water

Occasional additional ingredients, depending on what I’m pickling: peppercorns, mustard seeds, dill seed, onion flakes, garlic cloves…sky’s the limit there.

Heard standing in line waiting for a delicious grilled cheese at my local tasty-foods establishment (Dave’s Finer Foods)

Staffer: “It’s for the lady with the blue hair”
Dave (who knows me personally) “She doesn’t have blue hair!”
Staffer: (eyeing my observably blue hair)  “…”
Dave: “It’s blonde! And it’s blue. So it’s blueberry blonde!”

Blueberry blonde. Heh. I like this and may steal it for future use.

Best status I’ve ever scrolled past on Facebook:

“Does anyone know offhand when the llama costume contest is?”

I said random, and I have delivered.



Arbitrary Starts

January 1. An arbitrary day for new beginnings.

An arbitrary beginning is better than no new beginning at all. So and thusly,  I am beginning a New Thing. What kind of thing, you ask? Good question, but not one easily answered yet, as it is a newly formed Thing,  still soft around the edges, tender in the middle and not hardened into any mature form.  These traits make it A Thing easier to define by exclusion than description.

It won’t be a real diary. It won’t be an honest bragging platform for personal accomplishments.  It will be closest to a miscellany in the classic sense, containing information learned, events observed and stories related to me by others along with personal thoughts and philosophical ruminations, but even there, it won’t be limited to the mundane, the real or the factual.

No promises on what will appear beyond an assurance that I will keep mentions of grocery needs to a minimum — unless they’re interesting groceries like Snark Crispies or freshly-ground verrucicles. I might post every day, but probably not. Once a week, certainly. Except when that doesn’t happen.

Yes, it’s truly going to be A Thing. Sounds thrilling, eh? I thought so. Wait until I spend a whole post rambling on about my definition of antiquity or improper uses of the word squeegee. You’ll hardly be able to contain your appreciation.

today’s randomness: took 10,023 steps, watched 3 discs of Babylon 5. Average temperature outside: 15 degrees. Inside: toasty warm, with a splash of hot bathwater. The moon is waning, the Quadantid meteor shower is falling. I ate seven ginger cookies and licked the centers out of four chocolate truffles.