Summer Reading Adventure on Wattpad!

Update 9/12/2017 This book is COMPLETE. You can read the whole story from beginning to The End without interruption if you like. Enjoy!

I am posting a serial novel on the Wattpad website this summer. The book title is Downrigger, it’s a cyberpunky, dystopian-ish science-fiction thriller, and you can read it for free as I post and polish it chapter by chapter. More details on that at the bottom of this post, quick link right here:

Why am I doing a Wattpad book? That’s a story by itself and the reason for this post.

It starts with the quotation Art is never finished, only abandoned. That pithy remark is attributed to everyone from Leonardo Da Vinci and Picasso to W. H. Auden. I can’t source it definitively, but I do like it.  In this case this book that will never be finished, but it’s done enough to share.

Downrigger has been around long enough to legally buy and drink alcohol. Heck, it’s old enough that it wouldn’t get charged an exorbitant premium for auto insurance.  It’s been revised and re-written and updated, and it’s more than ready to meet readers.

Why offer it on Wattpad? Why not sell it?  Welp, to be blunt it’s a worthy and wonderful read, but it isn’t the right shape, size, or type of book I can sell.

Sure, I could make it commercially viable. I could force its adorable, sprawly epic mass through a formal editing and proofing process and turn out a heck of a thrilling novel…or two…or most likely three…but that would take a lot of time and creative energy I want need to devote to newer, shinier projects that excite me more. Not to mention money. Editing etc would cost money, and money is a thing.

Why not let it sit in a drawer until the time is right? Because if it stays on my hard drive, it will tug at my attention and demand I play with it, and I cannot afford that distraction. (see above, re: newer, exciting projects)

Also, I think now is the time.  Wattpad is a good open forum for free reading (you do NOT need to be a member to read as long as you bookmark the link to the book. Here’s that link again:

Book blurb & cover:

A soldier without a memory.  A secret government project pushing the frontiers of neurology and psychiatry. A nation rebuilding from the ashes of revolution, still torn by social and political strife, in a future where the boundaries between technology and society are blurring.

Doug Berman is a murderer, or so everyone tells him. He paid for his crime by forfeiting his past and starting over. Now he’s a file clerk for an isolated scientific community dedicated to psychiatric research and treatment, and he makes installments on his debt to society one dull, drudgery-filled day at a time.

When he’s offered the chance to play tour guide to the community’s newest group of clients and volunteer test subjects, he jumps at the chance for a little extra pay and a big break in routine.
But within seconds of meeting his first volunteer he suspects he’s made the second biggest mistake of his life.

Michael “Hook” Martinez doesn’t know his own full name, where he is, or how he got there, but he’s certain of one thing: his enemies want him to fail in his mission. Now, if only he can figure out what that mission is before someone gets killed…

This story takes place shortly after the Restoration of the United States, after the fiery violence of the Revision Years died down but before the chip rot plagues began.



Happy summer reading, all.

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Win A Copy of Controlled Descent

Join me in celebrating the print release anniversary for my first novel! I am offering two signed paperback copies of Controlled Descent through a Goodreads Giveaways program. Enter to win your copy today!*

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Controlled Descent by K.M. Herkes

Controlled Descent

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Want to know why I’m doing this? Sure, I’ll tell you.

I released Controlled Descent in paperback on June 23, 2014. It’s almost a year old. That’s an amazing happy thing, and nothing says happiness like free books. So I’m sharing the love.

I know it’s a cliche, but time truly has flown past. The year was jam-packed with firsts and learning experiences, and the excitement is far from over. I’m releasing a Controlled Descent prequel story called Novices on  June 23, 2015 as part of my one-year celebration. Another two stories in the Restoration collection will release before that date next year. And maybe, if all goes well, I’ll have the third novel complete for summer 2017. It has a title–Safe Landing– and the plot is coming together, but there’s a long road ahead for that one.

All that, and I haven’t even mentioned the second collection I’ve started to build, so I’ll do that now.

The Rough Passages Tales take place in a whole new world, with a whole new cast. That’s a whole new series to develop while still working on this one. I do like to keep busy.

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*only US only this time, sorry. This was an impulse that went from idea to completion in under an hour.  I promise to research shipping options for more markets before Flight Plan’s bookiversary in October.