Michigan Comic Con. Year 1 Day 2

I fell asleep in the middle of writing this last night, so here ya go, morning post instead.  Let’s start off with the featured image–that’s Scooter, from Spouseman’s “Where is your cat sulking now?” daily report to me. Okay. Now, onward to the con news.

True confession: I didn’t realize until halfway through yesterday that this was the first year for Michigan Comic Con, not just the first year for me. The things I learn, I tell ya.

I’m always going to a con for the first time these days, but this is the first time I’ve been at a con’s first time. Gotta say, it’s been pretty awesome so far. A lot of people showed up  and enjoyed themselves, and it was only Friday. Huzzah for early success.

It was a great day for me too. Several thoroughly enjoyable conversations with people about Rough Passages, and the postcards featuring the cover of Sharp Edge of Yesterday are getting lots of interest. MANY thanks to Rhiannon Taylor for the fab painting & design.

I’ll share the cover with the internet soon, I swear, but right now it’s time to start day 2.

Have some pics from yesterday. Mostly of Optimus Prime, because he is the most awesomest of booth neighbors.

Oh, and one of my books. 😀


Michigan Comic Con. It’s where I am.

In keeping with the Herkes household tradition of visiting distant places when festivals just happen to be going on, I’m in Detroit for Michigan Comic Con just as some kind of big downtown weekend shindig will be happening.

I thought I’d be too tired to blog, and maybe I will be tomorrow. But tonight? WHEEEEE! Exhausted, but not tired. If that makes sense. So. Documenting experience while still awake.

In other news, this part of downtown Detroit is all shiny now (my last visit was over 15 years ago and much of it felt like a ghost town) Also there’s evidently a tunnel to Canada.

A. Tunnel. To. Another. Country.

I need to come back here with more days to spare sometime soonish. The traffic patterns and street layout are still as wacky as I remember, tho. We got within sight of the hotel but it was very much a “can’t get there from here” situation not helped by Google Maps thinking a bunch of streets were closed that don’t shut down until tomorrow.

ANYway. We are here. The books are here. The fun starts tomorrow at noon. I’m a featured author for Bard’s Tower, in company with two other great authors. I’m staying at a Grand Old hotel with all the mod cons in a really swank room. I’m over the moon and more.

Yeah, I know. WorldCon is going on this weekend. Hugo awards. It’s a big deal.

Me, I’m here. And. I’m. LOVING. It. Have some random pictures.




Gen Con is coming to Indianapolis Indiana, and I’M GOING TO GEN CON!!!! Four days of gaming, cosplay, fantastic art & nerdly fun. Attendance usually tops 60,000. (I take deep breaths whenever I think about the crowds. I can do this. It will be fine. I’m fine.)

I’m working the booth for my Local Game Store again for the first time in mumble-mumble years. GAMES PLUS Booth 1841 in the Exhibit Hall. Towards the back, a few rows over from the Art Show.

Big thanks to Games Plus for letting me hang out with them & sell things! Miniatures, modules, boxed games, and a ton of other incredible gaming fun stuff. All that and more. It’s a good time. The whole world goes by the booth.

We’ll even have copies of my book for sale. (this is called burying the lede. Yes, I spelled that correctly. Look it up.) Want a preview of my books? Check out the Books tab here.

Will you be at the original, longest-running gaming convention in the world, August 2 through 5? Stop by booth 1841 and say hello! I promise I won’t hard-sell. I will give you a sticker though. I have free stickers and bookmarks and loads of enthusiasm to share. We can talk dice, and superheroes, and glow in the dark gaming accessories (my personal obsession.)

But seriously. I am so stoked about this. Games Plus has been part of my writing universe for over 3 decades. I gamed there before I wrote a single story. I tested out my first novels by running the plots as tabletop RPGs for friends there. I’ve spent many a fond hour wandering the aisles, coveting fancy dice, discussing the pros & cons of rule systems, and swapping stories about fictional adventures.

And Gen Con was my first convention. It was the only one I attended for years and years. From Parkside through the Milwaukee era, and several years after the Big Move to Indianapolis. Then work  & life got in the way, and Gen Con just couldn’t get wedged in between Spouseman’s schedule and mine. <cue inspirational music> UNTIL NOW!

It’s going to be great. I AM SO EXCITED!!!

I may have mentioned that already. ANYway. See you there, if you’re going. If not, expect a report later.  It’s what I do.  I go places, and then write about them.

What’s that? Why is there a picture of a goat with this post? Oh. Um.

Why not a goat?