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Writing is a solitary activity. Creating a book takes a village.

Getting my stories from draft to print takes loads of effort from many talented, dedicated, highly-skilled creatives. Somewhere along the line I fell out of the habit of shouting from the hilltops about the people who helped me bring six books from pixel-dreams to page-reality. It’s time for me to correct that error. Visibility matters.

Here be a list of professionals whose work I wholeheartedly, enthusiastically recommend:
(listed in reverse alphabetical order)




  • Dex Greenbright (yes, here too, he’s multi-talented)
  • Daniel Govar at
  • Many more great illustrators names are available on request. Check out the Character Art tabs in the site menu to see some of their work.

Lauren Masterson:

NOTE1: Rave testimonials with specific details are available on request. (Such a request is what alerted me to my failure to provide praise on my own, in fact.)

NOTE2 : Apologies to anyone I’ve forgotten, and I probably have blanked on super important people because that’s how my brain doesn’t work sometimes. Some have been left off this list because they have moved on, moved up, changed priorities, & no longer do the kind of work they did for me–so it didn’t seem fair

NOTE3: I’ve also benefited from many supportive websites & social media resources. Too many, honestly, to list in full. Honorable mention to Writers Write on Facebook & the site

I’m wrapping there. What did I goof up or forget? Message me & I will fix any mistakes or oversights ASAP.

That’s it for this post. Until later!

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Writer Working Report 2/4/21

One. I have been invited to be the featured reader at the Oak Park Public Library’s No Shush Salon this month. Feb 25, 6:30-9:00 CST. It’s a FREE event held safely via Zoom. I ill present exciting snippets from The Sharp Edge of Yesterday and other writings, and there is an open mic too. Online registration is required but free. Link? Of course link!

Two. Sharp Edge is on target for March 23 release. It’s getting a final copy/proofing pass, and then pre-orders will go live. This will be my first pre-publication release with Ingramspark, so I’m not sure how pre-orders will work outside the Piranha Platform, but hey, LEARNING EXPERIENCE! I polished and trimmed and tightened up this tale, but it’s still a big, juicy novel about life, death, superpowers, perseverance, and the power of friendship. (I would say the power of love, but it is NOT a kissing book and people get the wrong idea.) But I digress.

Three. I can make Advance Proof ebook copies of Sharp Edge available to interested bloggers, reviewers, book buyers….really, to anyone interested in a sneak peek & maybe posting a release day review somewhere. There’s a way to contact me right here on the site: Contact Form

Four. I will have new character art to show off VERY SOON NOW. Also BOOKPLATES. I am super excited about this. It means you can order Sharp Edge paperbacks from your favorite retailer and still get them personalized by me even though we’re in pandemic times because I CAN MAIL BOOKPLATES ON REQUEST. The design will have a phoenix on it because the phoenix is my personal emblem and also the series logo for the Rough Passages series. I can’t wait to show it off.

Five. I haven’t stopped writing just because I finished one book. I’m making solid progress on Ghost Town, which is the working title of a book I’m working on with a partner author. Brand-new police chief of a small Illinois river town solving mysteries with the help of her great-great-great grandpa, who was mayor there in the 1800’s. I love the main character of this story, and my biggest lesson with this book is that I need to write moreprotagonists who have pets because writing animals is SUPER-FUN.

Six/Last. May I ask a favor of those who’ve read this far who also make purchases from Piranha aka Amazon? Could you take a peek at the existing positive reviews for Flight Plan and cast a “this is helpful” vote on any one that DOESN’T begin with the words, “I was very disappointed…?” I ask this because the current Top Review for Flight Plan begins with those words, so it’s sending a really bad message to prospective readers despite it being a 4-star happy take. Easy clicks on other positive reviews would be a huge help.

Huh. Look at all those cheerful things. No rant today, I guess. Maybe a rant next time. (There’s always a next time.)

Anyway, that’s all for now until later, kthxbai.

Cat with a book. BECAUSE WHY NOT?
Image by Алексей Боярских from Pixabay