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Many have read these, many more have not. Some will share this because they love them, other won’t because they don’t wish to inflict my books on people they care about. On the flip side of that, if you didn’t like them, share this to your enemies! Plenty of opportunity abounds for lovers and haters alike! Here is your chance to spread the love (or torture those you feel are deserving). All of my books are on sale in one way or another, so take advantage of it since I don’t do these often. The sale runs from today, May 27th thru Monday, May 30th


A New Beginning (short prequel) – FREE

In the War of Fire, death often heralds a new beginning…

Dragons, magic, and war are commonplace for sixteen year old Emallya. Though she longs for the simple life of hearth and home, some things are not meant to be.

Her dreams for the future are changed in a single night when battle breaches the walls of her home, and she finds her true calling. The innocent hopes of youth are cast aside as Emallya steps forward into a future she never imagined for herself.

*This is a short story within the Dragon’s Call world and includes a bonus peek into Embers at Galdrilene, the first Dragon’s Call book.


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Embers at Galdrilene (Dragon’s Call book 1)

“A ray of light, a stain of shadow, shall endure to breathe life and death into the future”

The war between the Guardians and the Shadow Riders ended in total devastation. The final battle killed all the dragons and left nothing but fields of ash. A small clutch of dragon eggs was all that remained to provide hope for the future.

Five hundred years later, the ability to use magic is a death sentence and dragons are remembered as a curse. But the unhatched dragons sing for their riders…and six lives will be changed forever.

The elements of magic are drawn together as the dragons’ call leads them on a journey where they learn everything they’ve been taught to believe about magic and dragons is wrong.

With the last of the dragons and the world at stake, they will risk everything to heed the call.

But an evil from the past rises again. Shadow Dragons ride the dawn once more…


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Tears of War (Dragon’s Call book 2)

“Old things come again and new things surface.”

Faced with a looming war, the riders have no choice but to leave the safety of Galdrilene and reach out to the nations for help. But the Shadow Riders are doing the same and not all nations are opposed to their rule.

New discoveries are made, old wounds are reopened and betrayal hides among welcoming smiles.

As one nation begins to unravel it’s clear that some choices, even those made with the best of intentions, can have devastating consequences.


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Ashes and Spirits (Dragon’s Call book 3)

“The incomplete weave breeds the darkness…”

Presented with impossible odds, the Guardians struggle to hold against the Shadow Riders. While enemies from within are discovered and allegiances are formed, the losses mount.

As the war escalates, one Guardian may have to make the ultimate sacrifice to save all.


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Bound by Time -FREE

Time knows no bounds when you are tested to your limits…

Isobel Moore is looking forward to spending her summer break alone while her parents are overseas. But when she returns home from college she discovers it’s no longer the welcoming place it used to be…and that something sinister now resides within.

As Isobel begins to question her sanity, a mysterious neighbor moves next door with plenty of his own secrets…and Damien DeLuca has the uncanny ability to always show up when the unexplainable happens.

Now Isobel must unravel a past that tests her limits and everything she thought she knew—before the darkness kills her.

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Bound by Legend

When demons show up there will be hell to pay…

At nineteen Morgan has already faced more loss than she can handle and has more experience living on the street than she wants. Unable to do anything other than keep on the move in order to hide from the demons that hunt her, she guards her heart and emotions carefully. But when the demons start talking to her and calling her by a name from another life, things spiral beyond her control.

Lucian, an ancient dark angel who has seen his fair share of lives, is happy being a free agent until he’s assigned to Morgan. Determined to do everything on her own, she’s unlike any channel he’s ever met.

As the danger mounts and a demon prepares to open a gateway to the underworld, Morgan must find a way to overcome her past in order stop him. Offered what her heart desperately wants, and holding a key that will close the gate but open another, Morgan struggles find the strength to make the right choice.

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What people are saying about the Dragon’s Call books

The people that were happy:

“I thoroughly enjoy these books and feel anyone that love true Fantasy, full of magic and dragons, will enjoy these books. The characters are richly written and the storyline is addictive. The interaction between dragon and rider is some of the best Fantasy I’ve read. I love the relationships the author has developed between the two.”

“Took a well used genre (dragon riders) but added a new twist that had me struggling to put the book down. Real page turner that keeps you on your toes.”

“All 3 books are just wonderful. From start to finish it will keep on edge just waiting for what will come next. You won’t be disappointed!! These books have gotten me in trouble!! I couldn’t put it down, tried for work as a result!! Dragon Loves must read set. Looking forward to reading more books by this Author!!!”

And the people who weren’t happy:

“Very boring. ….”

“This book might take prize for overall, most cliche fantasy book Ive read this year.”


And those that are neither:

USA Bestseller List says, “Who are you?”

New York Times says, “This is a restraining order…”


The happy for the Bound series:

“Such a sweet, romantic and action packed story. From the onset, you’re drawn in and intrigued by everything going on. I never knew a window could be so menacing!”

“I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed reading Bound by Time.”

“Amazing & intriguing story. From the very beginning I was drawn in & it never disappointed.”

The unhappy:

“The storyline was slow and uneventful with very little happening along the way.”


“Hated main character.”


USA Bestseller lists says, “We still have no clue who you are.”





Book reviews Promotion

Review: Hex Support

I give Hex Support* 3.5 glittery stars! And I’m rounding up to 4 all the way ’round, because I have great affection for this book and think it deserves the bump.

Full disclosure: I was on the selection committee that read entries for the anthology during development. The entries were judged blind, so reading the finished product was a real treat for me because I finally got to see who wrote which of the stories I liked best.

Other than judging privileges, I received no compensation for reading.  Getting a sneak peek at all these fun and funny tales before the rest of the world got to read them was more than ample payment, and I picked up my final copy from Amazon through Kindle Unlimited.

There. Due diligence done. All of the authors in this collection can tell you I am no pushover as a reviewer, nor do I pull punches when I read a thing I do not like. This, I loved. From the premise, which is light-hearted but fully capable of carrying weightier plots, to clean design of the cover to the sheer the diversity of the contents, everything in this collection works.

I am not going summarize the stories one by one. Suffice that they all fit the theme of magic gone wrong. Here’s an overview: it’s a mixed bag of contemporary fantasy, more traditional fantasy with a little science fantasy to liven it up. Only the running theme brings the tales together in any way. Each story is distinct, proving a good idea has infinite stories within it, and they all have a touch of tongue-in-cheek humor. Some of them are so funny I giggled enough to scare the cat.

I’ve also read individual novels from many of the authors in Hex Support, so I can assure you with the confidence of experience that the stories in this anthology are typical of their usual styles and best qualities. Reading anthologies is one of the main ways I find new authors I like. This sampler is great way to expand anyone’s collection of writers worth following.

And some days, a good giggle is what every reader needs. Enjoy this fun.

edited to add: buy links are useful! buy links are good! Here’s a buy link:

 Hex Support on Amazon

*Yes, the full title is The Dragon’s Rocketship Presents: Hex Support, but that’s too long to make a decent title slug for the review. And that’s the only thing bad I have to say about this book.

Book reviews

Review of The Redwood Rebel by Lorna George

Four fine stars for this fine title, which released on OCTOBER 9 2015!
You can get a copy here: Redwood Rebel on
It’s even available in paperback too!

The Redwood Rebel is classic fantasy, and (to use the books are food analogy I love too much)  it’s an excellent example of how a talented chef can breathe beautiful new life into simple, time-honored recipes.  Redwood Rebel uses only the finest ingredients–an imprisoned princess, warring kingdoms, scheming relatives and courtiers, and heroic adventures–and they’re blended with great skill and an all-important savory touch of originality.

I consider it a really, phenomenal grilled cheese lunch plate. That’s high praise.

No, really, it is. Stick with me here. First it’s important to understand the joy of comfort foods. They are the humble meals made without pretension or wild ambitions. They are reliable, they’re familiar, and they don’t demand much from your palate or your pocketbook. Even a grilled cheese sandwich made with bland “cheese food” or  gooey, tasteless bread will fill that particular hole in my life that craves fatty, salty, crunchy, melty goodness.

When comfort foods transcend their humble origins and low expectations, it’s an occasion worth celebrating. Get out the party hats and noisemakers, folks. Lorna George shakes up all the classic tropes (this princess prefers to rescue herself, thank you very much!) and keeps the plotting lively with a light hand on the action and a great ear for dialogue.

Redwood Rebel is a great twist on  the standard take-back-the-kingdom adventure tale. The main characters have to navigate their way through a forest full of dangers natural and unnatural, all the while dealing with awkward forced alliances, major cultural differences, and personality clashes.

This was truly a satisfying read for me: a filling, tasty treat I finished much faster than I intended.
I want another one, right now, but I can be patient. The book wraps up with the clear expectation of sequels.

Follow the author on Amazon to be sure you don’t miss any updates: Amazon’s Lorna George Page
And check out her fantastic author page here for book recommendations, all the latest series news and much, much more:

Here are those buy links again, just in case you missed them up above:


Sleepy Thoughts, with Dragons.

This post was going to be about something else. I’m quite certain that it would’ve been clever, even erudite, and full of multi-syllabic dazzle and pontification–you know, all the usual crap.

Then I stayed up all night forcing Word to play nice with Createspace. Now my brain is a drippy mass of sleep-deprived mush. Mush is seldom brilliant. If ever you spot mush that is brilliant, start worrying about radiation or alien invasions. Or dragons. Dragons are always leaving shiny things lying around.  They also flash-fry their food with their breath.
I’ve told stories in my sleep, so I should be able to accomplish blog while sleepy. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about storytelling and language and cultural awareness lately, and it’s time to lay some of those thinks down in print. No worries, I promise to spread it out over more than one post. Today, it’s all about stories.
A story is a thing.  That was a gobsmacker of a realization for me.  Think about cave paintings. Our ancestors left behind leather clothes, flint arrowheads, clay pots…and stories on the walls. Even now, thousands of years later, you can look from image to image and see  the stories that were shared.
That result is as real as any physical object. The medium may shape the message, the message may lose meaning over time the way leather rots and pots crumble, but that doesn’t change its essential nature. A story is a thing that humans make.
Writing is not a thing. It’s an action verb. I write, you write, they write. Like most activities, mastery requires practice and evaluation, failure, repetition and adaptation. It is a complex action, but at heart it is no more than a specific form of the verb communicate..  It’s one of the most modern forms, too. When people talk about writing as a noun, they’re really talking about the story, or the facts listed, or the information imparted. not the act. This is an important distinction.
Storytelling isn’t a singular action verb. It’s a big box of presentation tools and narrative vocabulary festooned with personal baggage and wrapped in cultural filters.  It is a creation element. Whether you speak, sing, play or dance a story, you’re telling it. Each art form has its own traditions, tools and phrases, but they all share one trait: sharing. Storytelling is the whole series of actions that result in building a narrative from nothing and then making it real for another human being.
It’s magic. It’s a superpower.

You can be a genius storyteller and a lousy writer. You can be a lousy storyteller and a skilled writer. No other form of storytelling is as hypocritical, rigid, and contradictory as writing
Imagine a choreographer refusing to use a pas de quatre in a new ballet piece because it’s in Swan Lake and gets “overused.” Imagine a blues guitarist shunning a riff because it’s “cliched.” Nope.

Dance has a vocabulary and a set of accepted forms and traditions. So does every musical style. (No, I am not saying that all dances, songs, symphonies or paintings are telling stories. Work with me. It’s an analogy.) When there are disagreements between tradition and innovation, a new style gains acceptance or fades away on its own merits. (Disco, I’m looking at you.)

Why doesn’t this happen in the literary world? is a treasure trove of information on storytelling themes, plots, characters, and yes, tropes. It’s an incredible writing resource, an easy place to lose hours in “research,” but most importantly, it does not mock its  own content. It presents material with an eager enthusiasm for story.

Creation builds on the rotting bones and rich compost of past creations. Break a rule here, play with a trite phrase there, and rip off the ideas that tickle your fancy.  This is how new happens, This is how great stories are born.  The literature community has a bad habit of eating its young.

 Writing is relatively new to the arena of storytelling. The printing press has only been around 600 years more or less. The word processor, which gives people who don’t think sequentially the priceless tool of cut & paste, has been readily available for less than 30. The internet, with its capacity to connect writer and reader, is still practically in its infancy.

Poor novels. I think of them as the stodgy oldest son of the modern storytelling family. No sooner had written narrative begun to gel into stage and page, poem and prose, then the cute baby siblings of film-making and graphic narrative came along. Now everyone coos and fusses over them. Books are dying, the pundits say. People don’t have the time or the attention spans to handle extended reading.

Bah. The youngsters are blowing away long-form literature in popularity because they’re nimble and stylish and inclusive, not because they’re “visual” or because people stopped being smart, or even because internet.

TV and comics are cliched. Stereotyped. Hackneyed. Fun. The newest generation of adults grew up reading. They’re starved for serious writing, but most of them have no interest in picking up a traditional novel. They were taught that reading novels meant that they had to think hard and study hard. 

We need to let reading be fun for people. That’s all I’m saying.