The Latest News & Such

What’s moving & shaking in Authorland at the moment? All of this:

My hair is purple. Click for details.

The print edition of Weaving in the Ends is 75% proofed. Aiming for mid-August release now. Life keeps happening. It’s a thing.

I completed some editorial work on Extraordinary, clarifying plot elements and adding description. Once I polish the revisions I’ll upload it and ask KDP to make the updated edition available to previous purchasers.

Flight Plan’s new print edition awaits its shiny cover. Then I can upload, proof the results, and hit publish.

Heartwood has passed the 30% mark unless I add material, in which case it will get longer and isn’t as far along as I think it is. That seems likely, looking at the emerging shape of the story. You are warned.

Prodigals is still on my mind and in the queue, but my desk won’t be clear for starting revision until September.

Grawlix’s next adventure is slowly coming together. Maybe Christmas. Or Easter.

That’s all the major newish stuff. Click on over to Stuff & Nonsense  and catch up on earlier shenanigans and other fun.



Other Items of Note

  • There’s this:

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There will be a new Restoration novel this year.  Prodigals (also known as “Early Adventures of Carl & Eddie”)  is in the capable hands of beta readers who are shredding it for me so I can make it better.

  • Controlled Descent & Flight Plan have a whole new look.

All the best books have pretty section separators & proper chapter headers. I want my readers to have the best. I’ve uploaded new editions of the ebooks to Amazon. 2nd edition print copies should be available soon.

  • Have you seen my Character Sketches pages?

    I collect artist interpretations, and on this page you’ll find the art galleries for my Stories of the Restoration. Click on any thumbnail in this gallery and you will be magically transported to a detail-packed full profile.