Speaking of pictures…were we? I am.

I went hunting for a photograph of myself from 2008 for the “how have I changed?” challenge that’s floating around Twitter and Facebook. The mission took me down a deep rabbit hole of store-setup photos & pics of trainers & other Borders folk, shots of Spouseman, records of garden progress &, house changes, loads of pictures of all the furbabies we’ve owned who’ve passed on…


Two hours & half a box of tissues later, I am feeling both a bit gutted and full-hearted, but the original mission remains incomplete. Evidently I own zero pics for the timeframe between childhood photos (scanned in as part of a family project)  & recent phone pics.

My face doesn’t interest me, I guess? I don’t hate my looks or anything, but I also lived without a real mirror in the house for 8 months between the aggravated removal of an annoying medicine cabinet & the purchase of its replacement.

I didn’t miss it. Spouseman griping about the difficulty of shaving with a little hand mirror was the only reason I went hunting for new one.

Closest I can get is one Spouseman took in 2005 and one from last winter. He prolly has more pics of me floating around. I’ll ask when he gets home tonight.


sidenote: I definitely don’t have my Facebook profile pic from when I joined, which was the original form of the challenge. I’ve been through three or maybe four deleted accounts since first joining. My profile pic was likely a flower or a cartoon anyway.  Because that’s how I rock.

I should get an Official Author Portrait done, but my senior pictures for the high school yearbook were the last formal portraits I had done. The trauma residue from that experience hasn’t been blown away by the winds of time yet.

But hey. If some mainstream publisher decides to publish one or more of my books, I’ll have to do a jacket photo. For that, I would make the effort.

Blue buzzcut, dangly earrings, and all.


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