Writing again

Some random numbers

Fine, fine, I admit they aren’t truly random, but they’re not nearly as consistent or as large as I’d like to see.

Wed: 12, 118
Tues: 11, 288
Mon: 4423
Sun: 9, 686
Sat 12, 967
Fri: 7553
Thurs: 9069

avg: 9589. Blech. Not even 10k steps per day.  This Must Improve. The Queen of My World so decrees.  I’m should throw out Friday as an aberration because parental visit threw off everything in my life, but I won’t do it because there will always be an aberration. Might as well get used to that right away. Sunday the pedometer was on the charger for at least 500 steps, but for purposes of this log not counted = didn’t happen. I do so declare.

Based on a statistically irrelevant sample of two weeks, Monday appears to be an Exercise Problem Day. Perhaps it’s the daunting Hell Dog who bars the way out of the house during the daylight hours that keeps me from emerging into the outdoors for fresh air and calorie burning. Maybe it’s sheer unadulterated laziness. So hard to tell the difference sometimes.

Looking forward to seeing what strangeness and excuses week three brings.

By K. M. Herkes

Author, gardener, and cat wrangler.