Size Matters

I like some things big. (who doesn’t?)  Meals. Paychecks. Houses. (as long as they are built with many cozy rooms and hidden passageways) Big yards and big dogs are definitely my preferences. As for the nudge-nudge-wink-wink use of the phrase, this is not that kind of blog, thank you very much, moving on.

Otherwise, it’s a truth universally acknowledged that I am a sucker for little creatures who pack a big punch.  The island of all things undersized and underestimated, that is my spiritual home. Give me a spunky little hero who surprises everyone with her strength, and I am a happy reader.

Pixies, kittens, otters, Pokemon, Minions, burrowing owls and fennecs all share some traits in common.  They’re small, they have exaggerated features, and they are generally appreciated more for their amusement value than their potential for destruction. They have a miniaturized charm that blinds people to their power.

Can’t imagine why that appeals to me so much. Nope. No idea.

Time: 8:15 AM
Tea: Irish Breakfast (of course)
Steep: 5 minutes+as long as it took to pour cereal.