Signs & Symbols

I tend to art when I am not wording. It’s the product of being easily distracted & inclined to procrastinate multiplied by the fidgety need to be Doing Something even when I am doing nothing.

The world of Rough Passages is a reality jam-packed with political, social and personal disruptions, so it seemed logical that political and social movements would exist in it.

All movements need flags & slogans & signs & logos. Today I designed a few graphics for the Unity Alliance, which is an activist group dedicated to protecting R-factor positive individuals from harassment and promoting full integration of active rollovers.

Are their goals apparent from their promotional materials? I hope so. Describing visuals is more  a strength than making them, but here they are, for your entertainment.

I’m imagining the blue images as official or semi-official flags, maybe with the “Love is positive” slogan in the star circle or very small around the outer red circle… (My graphics skills weren’t up to that challenge)

The red crosses I see as pins/lapel buttons, and the white squares with the slogan below a round are my idea of a banner.

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