Saturday cat pictures

Scooter has been testing out new snooze spaces.

Example 1.

My chair in the library.

Example 2.

He always sits in that exact position.

Example 3.

My arm.

So far nothing has proved as appealing as the cat trap beside my writing desk. img_2468

Bonus: 50+ seconds of old cat versus battered plushie.



2 responses to “Saturday cat pictures”

  1. Chas Lobdell Avatar

    I want to live in that first photo. It look so perfect – the comfortable chair, nice lighting, and a well-stocked bookcase within easy reach. I would even share with the cat if necessary.

    1. Dawnrigger Avatar

      You’re welcome to come & visit it any time. We call that room The Nest. (For over 5 years it had no furniture beyond the bookcases, layered carpets, and floor cushions) It’s my cozy spot in winter, and a great bird observation post year round.

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