Same or Different? A candy bar question

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Why do some people love Snickers but hate Baby Ruth bars? They’re basically all the same ingredients arranged mostly the same way.

I’m sure there are valid reasons for preferring one over the other. I just don’t know what those reasons are, so…I ponder.

(for the record I eat neither one, nor any other peanut + chocolate candies.)

4 responses to “Same or Different? A candy bar question”

  1. Karen Joy Creamer Avatar
    Karen Joy Creamer

    Not sure, but I suspect it could be the looks. I mean, Baby Ruth bars look kind of like…well, something other than a candy bar.
    (Yes, I have a middle school sense of humor. Possibly from teaching Middle School for 30-some years. Or maybe that’s why I COULD teach Middle School so long? Either way.)

  2. K. M. Herkes Avatar

    Ha! That might indeed be part of it. A coworker speculated that the number & size of the peanuts in Baby Ruths presented a texture issue, which also makes sense.

    Spouseman says he likes both equally but Snickers are easier to find. 😀

  3. Susan S-F Avatar

    I never consider a Baby Ruth, unless other options are not available. I don’t think of them as “basically the same” as a Snickers. Weird, huh? I think part of it might be the design of the layers. Snickers I can bite off a piece, and it’s uniform in its ingredients. Baby Ruths break weird, and you have to bite around the peanuts. If you try to bite through them, your teeth slide off, and chocolate covering breaks off and falls out of your mouth.
    Poor design. 🙂

    1. K. M. Herkes Avatar

      ingredient placement makes sense in terms of the texture issue, too!
      An omelet & scrambled eggs are the same ingredients, but universes apart as eating experience.
      It’s fascinating to me how little details like that can make all the difference in the impression something makes.