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The Rollover Series

The Sharp Edge Of Yesterday

The future looks bright, but there’s no escaping the past.

Grace Reed is on the run with devastation hot on her heels. She escaped a religious cult and rescued her children from her ex-husband, but fate isn’t done with her yet. She is about to hit rollover—the crisis point in middle age when latent superpowers activate-and all signs point to her developing a rare and overwhelming talent. 

That puts her on the government radar as a threat to society. 

Big rollovers lead to big problems, and big problems get eliminated. Department of Public Safety Agent Valerie Wade is assigned to Grace’s case and must choose between following orders or fighting for her client’s right to live. Meanwhile, Grace is fighting to overcome past traumas and survive the onset of her powers. 

Rollover activists Jack, Elena, and Amy are willing to pit their skills and talents against the bureaucracy and help Grace beat the odds against her survival. Once they join forces with Valerie, nothing in the world can stop them…except betrayal from within. 

While Grace’s friends struggle to bring her safely through her rollover crisis, their enemies work behind the scenes to destroy them. Grace gave up her home, her faith, and her freedom to protect her children and safeguard their futures. Now she will face an even bigger sacrifice. 

Rough Passages: A Collection of Midlife Disaster Stories

Four Rough Passages novellas, three short stories and many extras, all in one convenient volume. 

Rough Passages-Digital 1600Cover

A third of the population carries the potential to develop superpowers between the ages of thirty-five and sixty, and no one can predict which few will activate. Passing life’s halfway point might be as easy as blowing out one extra candle…or it might lead to becoming a human fireball, drowning a city, or teleporting into outer space.

The first Rough Passages Tale is also available as an individual novella-length audio. See below for details.

Extraordinary web

1: Extraordinary
A trip to the traveling carnival with two toddlers and a mobility-challenged parent isn’t most people’s definition of fun, but it’s closer than Valerie Wade usually gets. A few hours kicking sawdust and revisiting favorite childhood memories, that’s all she asks.

It’s her annual treat, a visit back in time to the carefree years before she learned that her blood carries a potential death sentence, before life beat her down and broke her spirit. It’s where she can forget about secrets, debts and obligations for a few hours and remember what hope feels like.

Everything changes that night, under the bright lights and the striped awnings. The monsters and freaks aren’t in the sideshow tents. They’re walking the aisles, and before the carnival is done, Valerie will be taking her place among them.

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