Marcia Galloway

“Hello, disaster.”

Marcia appears in the story Powerhouse and has a cameo in Nightmares.

Marcia placed her hand flat on the table and pressed hard. “Look.” She lifted her palm. “You never went through rollover. You cannot understand what this does to people.”
Jefferson eyed the smoking imprint without flinching. “I can try. Go on.”
She searched for better words. “It’s a mindset. I rolled at forty-three under close supervision. Ten years on, I still terrify myself on bad days. Coby killed three people in his first rampage. He will not outgrow that horror. He will never forget it.”

Captain Jefferson stood up. “All the indictments and transfers to DPS custody are squared away now. Ready to light some fires under a few asses?”
He meant it as a joke. It wasn’t funny.
“I am ready to incinerate someone.” Marcia waved the hatch open and gestured for Jefferson to go first. The captain twitched when the panel moved by itself, and when he reached the cool air in the hallway, he gave Marcia a sidelong, worried glance.
The temperature in the corridor rose several degrees when she reached it. “I have DPS general ruling powers, remember?” she said. “You command Gateway, but today I’m its judge, jury and executioner all rolled into one.”

Marcia Galloway art by Toni Johnson
art by Toni Johnson
Col. Marcia Galloway
Col. Marcia Galloway