Malik Jefferson


“Being a Marine isn’t about muscle power or firepower. It’s about honoring the oath.”

Captain Malik Jefferson appears in the story Powerhouse, and has a cameo in the story Lockdown.

From Powerhouse:
Captain Jefferson gave the observation window a long, silent look. Marcia knew his affable expression masked a temper that matched her own for intensity, and she saw warning signs of it in his eyes now. Jefferson picked up the notepad and slammed its screen flat against the window in front of Marcia at eye level. Then he slid it downward several inches to her eye level.

Marcia couldn’t fault the captain’s dedication. Jefferson stayed in the ice-cold room under dimmed lights with Coby and worked through a chow break to help the corporal with his written statement. Coby threw up the meal before he finished the report, but after cleanup he went straight back to work making corrections and additions. Jefferson never left his side, offering aid without judgment the whole time.

Marcia regarded Jefferson’s too-innocent smile, then leaned closer until sweat broke out on the man’s forehead from her radiant heat. “Your sense of humor is treading very close to insubordination, Captain. Do not push me.”
His eyes widened. “Wouldn’t dream of it, ma’am, not without asbestos gloves.”
The assurance was delivered with earnest sincerity, and the audacity of it blew away Marcia’s foul temper like a breeze clearing smoke.

Malik Jefferson art by Toni Johnson
Art by Toni Johnson
Cpt. Malik Jefferson
Cpt. Malik Jefferson