Jack Coby

Honor. Courage. Commitment. Fangs.

Corporal Jack Coby appears in the Rough Passages stories Powerhouse, Nightmares, and Lockdown, and he also appears in The Sharp Edge of Yesterday

From Powerhouse:

The captain said, “You know, you basically look like a super-large man. Keep your mouth shut, put your hands in your pockets, and my granddaddy would’ve said, ‘you could pass.’ Minimal scute development. That’s why you overheat. No brow ridge to protect the eyes, so you’re photosensitive. The real downside of the Y-variant is that you’re in the bottom quartile for muscle power for the T-series and short, relatively speaking. Puts you at a hand-to-hand disadvantage against other Tees.”
     I could still rip you in half, Coby thought“I wasn’t in a fight, sir.”

Jack Coby Art by Toni Johnson
Art by Toni Johnson
Sgt. Jack Coby
Sgt Jack Coby
Sgt Jack Coby
Here’s Jack grinning because his fangs make people nervous, and he’s happy to unnerve the paparazzi who have just ambushed his friend Elena.
Art by Daniel Govar