Amy Goodall

“It’s my birthday and I’ll dance if I want to.”

Lance Corporal Amy Goodall appears in the Rough Passages stories Powerhouse and Nightmares, and returns in the novel The Sharp Edge of Yesterday

From Powerhouse:
    The Marines snapped to their feet. The floor shook underfoot. All of them had the hardened skin, thick muscles, and heavy bones that defined their T-series designation. They didn’t look alike, but they didn’t look human either.
Lance Corporal Amy Goodall stood front and center. She was a T1A, twelve feet tall from skull to toes, which made her easiest of the squad to identify. Her armored skin was a dull gold, and so were her dorsal spikes, and her claws did not retract. The scientists originally responsible for labeling rollover classes hadn’t been compassionate men. T stood for troll.
She’d left behind family and career when onset hit and her body twisted and changed, same as every other soldier in Mercury. She’d been a professional dancer before rollover.

From Nightmares:
Amy danced solo across the empty floor. Twelve feet tall, gold and leathery from top to toe, she pirouetted once, twice, and a third time, then began a series of soaring leaps that took her around and around the floor. The maneuver ended with a bound to the center, where she came down hard enough to shake the walls. Just as the song ended, she struck a pose: back arched, one leg stretched behind, hands overhead, claws extended.

Here’s Amy in her civilian clothes, being helpful to a lost null businessman who’s getting recommendations for five restaurants better than the one he’s looking for.
Art by Daniel Govar
Cpl. Amy Goodall
Original art by Buzz
Amy Goodall art by Toni Johnson
Art by Toni Johnson