Review of Retribution (Dagger of Aita #1) by S. J. Wolff

Retribution (The Dagger of Aita, #1)Retribution by S.J. Wolff

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3.5 really, but Goodreads won’t let me go halvesies. I liked it and more.

Retribution is a good, tasty fantasy in the urban/paranormal category. I recommend it as a nice, fast, fun read. Expect colorful settings, long-buried conspiracies, historic rivalries between groups of supernaturals, and a well-developed opposites-attract romantic sideline. The plot is action-filled, mystery-based, and twisty. The hero’s flaws and weaknesses are as integral to the plot as his superhuman abilities, and that’s always a positive for me.

Retribution goes international and off the beaten track with its take on the popular vampires vs werewolves trope, adding a shake of angelic forces. It’s a refreshing, thoughtful spin on the old standards. I especially enjoyed the way the historical explanations and tidbits of world-building were dropped in as stories, justified research, or during conversations without feeling forced.

There were enough homophone word errors, grammar glitches, and factual errors to grate on my perfectionist nerves, but they are few and far between. The descriptions are evocative without being overblown, and the dialogue is tightly written and full of emotional impact.

To go with my usual food analogy: Retribution is well-seasoned diner fare: a good investment in flavor and good value for the money. The plot wraps up with potential for sequels, and I’m following the author so I can pick up the next one.

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