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Review: Hex Support

When magic goes wrong, hijinks ensue.

I give Hex Support* 3.5 glittery stars! And I’m rounding up to 4 all the way ’round, because I have great affection for this book and think it deserves the bump.

Full disclosure: I was on the selection committee that read entries for the anthology during development. The entries were judged blind, so reading the finished product was a real treat for me because I finally got to see who wrote which of the stories I liked best.

Other than judging privileges, I received no compensation for reading.  Getting a sneak peek at all these fun and funny tales before the rest of the world got to read them was more than ample payment, and I picked up my final copy from Amazon through Kindle Unlimited.

There. Due diligence done. All of the authors in this collection can tell you I am no pushover as a reviewer, nor do I pull punches when I read a thing I do not like. This, I loved. From the premise, which is light-hearted but fully capable of carrying weightier plots, to clean design of the cover to the sheer the diversity of the contents, everything in this collection works.

I am not going summarize the stories one by one. Suffice that they all fit the theme of magic gone wrong. Here’s an overview: it’s a mixed bag of contemporary fantasy, more traditional fantasy with a little science fantasy to liven it up. Only the running theme brings the tales together in any way. Each story is distinct, proving a good idea has infinite stories within it, and they all have a touch of tongue-in-cheek humor. Some of them are so funny I giggled enough to scare the cat.

I’ve also read individual novels from many of the authors in Hex Support, so I can assure you with the confidence of experience that the stories in this anthology are typical of their usual styles and best qualities. Reading anthologies is one of the main ways I find new authors I like. This sampler is great way to expand anyone’s collection of writers worth following.

And some days, a good giggle is what every reader needs. Enjoy this fun.

edited to add: buy links are useful! buy links are good! Here’s a buy link:

 Hex Support on Amazon

*Yes, the full title is The Dragon’s Rocketship Presents: Hex Support, but that’s too long to make a decent title slug for the review. And that’s the only thing bad I have to say about this book.

By K. M. Herkes

Author, gardener, and cat wrangler.

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