Rereading. Recommending.

an open book and a glass tea mug in front of a stack of books on a wooden surface. A lamp on the right illuminates all with a soft, golden glow.

I do a lot of rereading. Recently I reread some books I discovered During Pandemic, because my memory of the last 3 years is fuzzy & that bothers me.

So today I’m a bit sleep deprived and itching to talk about the stories and the worlds with more people. I also have a major case of story intoxication. I’m high on glorious prose. Dizzy from plot turns. Full up on feels.

Consider this an invitation to join me in the Party Of Having Read the following:

1. My first reread: Dark Breakers, Desdemona & the Deep and everything else by Claire Suzanne Elizabeth Cooney.

I fumble for review-adequate words to describe Dark Breakers. Read the intro by Sharon Shinn & you’ll understand why. So much muchness. Layers of mythos & sparkles of spirit & OMFG the rich, dense, yummy WERRRRRDZ.

“Everything else” includes a novel called Saint Death’s Daughter. (That’s a different world than her other works I listed, and even more delicious.)

2. The Broken Trust series by Juliette Wade

The thoughtful intensity & depth the world-building, the twisty intrigues, the gut-wrenchy emotional tension, the honor conflicts, augh, my HEART. In an unexpected & delightful bonus, the book 3 revelations MORE than live up to the book 1 hints.

I feel for the antagonist. That’s how good these are.


Buy ’em, borrow ’em, stick them in a stew–no wait, that last bit is about potatoes. Anyway, I think I posted something like this about this time last year about the same thing.

I’m putting the word out again because I need to talk about these worlds with more people. Although maybe I would advise you to not gobble them all up back-to-back like I did. It’s too long a wait for the next books.

Here endeth the ramble.

Woop, I should include links, huh? And cover pics? Here ya go.

What’s that? My posts should include links to MY writing too? Sure, if you insist.