Recent random things

I’m sitting here realizing my cat has more combs, brushes, and hair care products than I do. Like, four times as many. This is a ridiculous thing, and it makes me smile. (TBF, his hair is longer than mine, & much more prone to tangling. Still.)

Me: going about my life online, feeling good about it
My brain: Ohai, welcome back to your least favorite game show: “Is your home feed quiet because you’re too boring to boost, or Is that the RSD talking?”
Me: That’s for sure the RSD talking. Be quiet.
Brain: AaaaaaaHAHAHAHA, no.

Shopped at 3 stores today, with 2 lists, and only forgot 1 thing. That’s a pretty decent set of numbers for me. The thing I forgot was yellow mustard, and I forgot it so thoroughly, I’d forgotten to put it on the list. We’ll make do with the other mustard styles on hand until Next Shopping Trip.