Random Bits and Pieces 10/22/2020

Thing the 1st: I am playing with new site settings in WordPress. I want all the pretties. So expect rando buttons colors & links to show up in posts for a while, as I experiment with New Things.

Thing 2: I enjoy interacting on social media, but doom-scrolling remains a problem. Once I’ve caught up with any online conversations I’m in, the sites become unsatisfying attention traps. I’d rather spend my time on other things. (writing! reading! watching Mandalorian!)

But I can’t avoid the sites entirely because I have things to share & converse about. Some are too big for a tweet but aren’t worth the hassle of typing, tagging, adjusting, and posting to this blog.

If I go online with them, I get dragged into the time-suck of clicking Facebook-Twitter-Facebook-Instagram-Facebook over and over.

So. When I found out I could post Twitter THREADS from the blog, I had to give it a try.

Thing 3: I have big plans for tomorrow. First, vote. Depending on how long that takes, then I’ll go buy blinds for the office, which means IKEA, which means getting Portillos takeout afterwards. I’m really, really hoping I have spoons enough for all that, because the final thing on the list is finish Book/section 4 of Sharp Edge & get it off to alpha readers. And that’s all the all for now.

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