Quick Merrykitten update

Vet visit today! Generally good news.
His balance issues, chewing problems, and some of his odd movement likely stem from the ear infection, which might’ve been in his inner ear too and is definitely still tasking him. He might have a nasal polyps, but hopefully not.

As for the rest of it. xrays thankfully ruled out any major spine or pelvic issues, but he has loose kneecaps, slightly small hip sockets, and the scans showed a big, hard belly just locked up solid with, well, POOPS. So that was making his leg wobbles worse and the discomfort was sapping a lot of energy.

Bloodwork is en route to michigan state university veterinary diagnostic lab, because everything from his skinniness and lagging development to nis cloggy gut and wobbly knees might be rooted in a thyroid imbalance. Which is treatable. If he has it.

Until we know if that might need addressing, we treat the symptoms.

The vet gave him a good flushing out, (poor Merry, poor vet & techs & nurses, I am so grateful to them) ANYway. Now he’s home with meds for his ears & gut and special canned food his brother can’t have, and which he won’t eat unless I sit in the room with him. (He is such a social little monster.)

My lap is full of sleepy cats, and life is looking a little better.

Until later!