Quick life update

I forgot to post anything earlier this week at the usual time. Distracted by, oh, so many things, not least of which was digging into the Get Vaccinated NOW process. The quest was successful, and appointments have been made.

But writing progress has been minimal. All that responsible Adulting took up tons of time & put me in Project Prep Mode, which means I have Major Squirrel Brain. (I also evidently have a bad case of Capitalize All The Words. That might be a symptom of Squirrel Brain. I should maybe try to track that. But I digress. Of COURSE I do.)

In other life news, the long-delayed yard plans seem to be moving again at last (fingers crossed) Spouseman’s car has been released from its brick-barriered garage prison, and permits are being reviewed for, oh, the fourth or fifth time.

Meanwhile, after much running around and stress-cooking, I’m ready to potato my way through any post-vaxx blahs.

Comestibles have been restocked, assorted fresh veggies sliced, cucumbers marinated, double batch of 7 pepper chili started, monkey bar cookies baked & sampled, and literal potatoes are ready for peeling & cooking into a big batch of mashies. (Cheezy mashed potatoes are my #1 comfort food forever. I figure I deserve them because insert-reason-here.)

That’s all the allness I have silverware to share right now. Until later!

No, wait! Have a cat pic provided by the internet. Cats make everything better. Or at least furrier.

Photo by Sam Lion on Pexels.com

And the usual wrap-up commercial blocks:

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