Writing again

Quality of Light

Thoughts on the magic of illumination.

I think a lot about light this time of year. The hours slide back along the line of the sun’s progress, and the days grow shorter at the same time, and that brings it to the front of my attention.

It’s a wonder to me every year, how the light changes from August to October. The sun drops lower in the sky, angling in from the south, and the light takes on colors missing from the washed-out heat of midsummer. Pale haziness contrasts with orange and gold tree leaves some days, looking warm even when the air has gone icy. On other days deep-gray clouds sail by on strong winds, flashing their white tops at the sidelong sunrays while the deep blue depths behind them peek through the spaces between. I have many reasons to love fall, but the way light makes the world beautiful tops the list.

The last time the spouse and I visited family out West, I noticed that the high summer sunlight in Seattle looks a lot like autumn here.(Yes, the sun does shine there, often and brightly, much of the year.)  Science that is, axial tilt and latitudes and such at work, but in the final accounting, it’s all magic to my eyes.

Time: 9:31 PM
Tea: Decaf Orange Pekoe
Steep: 5 minutes

By K. M. Herkes

Author, gardener, and cat wrangler.