Posting even though I don’t wanna.

This’ll be a stripped-down post of random things. So, the usual, only even more so.

Point the first: I cordially LOATHE the new(ish) WordPress block-style post composer. I waited until I’d given it a good few months before making this evaluation. I know how to use the features. I’ve made some very pretty posts with it. But I am now Quite Certain: It Must Go. Kill-it-with-fire, yeet-it-into-the-sun, GIT ER GONE.

Why? Well. Therein lies a tale. While I blog simple, straightforward sequences with the occasional image, I do not think sequentially. Writing is never a straightforward & simple process. To lay down successive paragraphs in a manner other humans can follow, I am constantly cutting, pasting, rewording, inserting & deleting.

WordPress’s whole “design all the cool things” post system puts up huge barriers against writing that way. Every paragraph is its own design block, and moving things around in anything less than block chunks is treacherously difficult. And it’s so heavy & overloaded with features that it loads & saves UNBELIEVABLY slowly.

And yes,I have the option to stick with the old WordPress composer, (“classic” FFS) but it’s no faster and continually tries to get me to convert to the new style practically every time I hit a paragraph break, and…NAH. it’s still INFURIATING. I will stick with for my main website, because that part works well, but I’m done trying to write here. A new way to reach free readers/subscribers will be found.

For all the same reasons, I am OVER Mailchimp. Its email composer is designed to build dazzling, link-filled multimedia extravaganzas, and the rest of the site is chock full of features aimed at people who want to constantly analyze and create Shiny Things. Composing a basic communication is so much of a headache I’ve avoided sending anything to my subscriber list for months.

I’ve been tipped to the existence of TinyLetter, (thank you, Michi Trota!!!) which is a lean, clean low-on-features newsletter platform. I am hoping its simplicity solve my “FFS WHY ARE THINGS SO COMPLICATED?!” issue. Fingers crossed. It’s also owned by Mailchimp, so if nothing else it will be an easy interim solution until I find something I like better.

Bottom line though, both my current online writing platforms make the writing process a source of constant distraction and frustration. That’s one reason I’ve been doing less writing. Which brings us to the next topic. One of the OTHER reasons I’ve been away from wordsing so much.

Point 2: The Merrykitten situation.

Staving off the inevitable is a full-time job. He gets 4 meds & 3-4 feedings a day, all monitored & separate from his brother. Two meds are syringe-measured & given by mouth every 12 hrs before feeding (he tolerates it but it isn’t fun for anyone involved ) one med gets added to his food, and the last med has to be given 3 times a day 15 minutes before feeding. Oh, and that one has to be handled with gloves & washed off immediately if it touches my skin.

All that keeps him processing food, but only barely. Not well. Not enough to sustain growth. So. Boundaries have been drawn. Spouseman will be taking him to the vet next Friday for our good-byes (unless he deteriorates sooner.) I needed to set an end date on “how long can I do this?” and that was the answer. In the meantime, we’re spoiling both our little guys rotten

Point the third: gratitude. Hm. This probably should be point 1, but the idea of trying to re-order what I’ve written already is A TOTAL NON-STARTER because WordPress has made it so freaking hard to cut & paste. And the composer runs so slowly I have to pause to see what I’ve just typed…AAAGGGGGHHH. /end mini rant.

Anyway. I digress. POINT 3: THANK YOU ALL. Thanks to those who have supported and affirmed me & Spouseman, thanks to those who have shared your stories of hard decisions & painful losses–and healing–thanks to everyone who has provided welcome, needed distractions by buying my books, reviewing them, having character conversations & chasing plot bunnies with me, thanks for the movie & TV watching suggestions, thanks for the tips & ideas on cat care & cat equipment, just overall thankyouthankyouthankyou.

One truth the world keeps showing me over & over is that I am honored to know some of the best, most empathetic, caring, talented, knowledgeable and generally fabulous human beings in the world.

Yes, I mean you, who’s reading this right now. Don’t look over your shoulder. I’m talkin’bout you. Thank you.

Last point in the post: things I’m watching & reading when I’m not writing — because I AM WRITING, despite all the other things. (which is a side point I’m really proud of tbh)

Leverage. This series slipped past me when it was first on. I watched a few episodes of the first season, but something got in the way of continuing. It’s a HUGE favorite with many people whose opinions I deeply respect, so I always knew I wanted to dig in. The time was never right. <cue inspirational music> UNTIL NOW. I’m into season five and I’ll probably swing right back to the beginning for a rewatch once I finish the new Leverage:Redemption reunion thing. It’s that good–and it ticks SO MANY BOXES on the checklist of “what I like to see in my fiction.”

There are so MANY plot & character resonances with my work that I wonder if any of my readers think the Restoration series started as some kind of Leverage In The Future riff. I swear I never saw the episodes that have . It made them extra entertaining to watch, I will admit.

Tales from Wakanda, an anthology. HIGH recommend. Such a variety of styles & so many incredible stories! Raybearer. I am VERY VERY relieved that the second book in the series is out so soon because ZOMG if you haven’t read this yet, you should.
The Ruth Galloway Mysteries. A new not-cozy series. Ahhh, so nice. This was a wonderful recommend from a coworker friend & I’m rationing myself to one at a tim between othr books so as to not gobble them up fast.
Fugitive Telemetry: The latest Murderbot Diary entry. Also I went back & reread the series because it made me happy.

And that is all the points for now. Have a bonus pic of my backyard, where the pumpkins are taking over the world.

Until later!

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