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Writing is a solitary activity. Creating a book takes a village.

Getting my stories from draft to print takes loads of effort from many talented, dedicated, highly-skilled creatives. Somewhere along the line I fell out of the habit of shouting from the hilltops about the people who helped me bring six books from pixel-dreams to page-reality. It’s time for me to correct that error. Visibility matters.

Here be a list of professionals whose work I wholeheartedly, enthusiastically recommend:
(listed in reverse alphabetical order)




  • Dex Greenbright (yes, here too, he’s multi-talented)
  • Daniel Govar at
  • Many more great illustrators names are available on request. Check out the Character Art tabs in the site menu to see some of their work.

Lauren Masterson:

NOTE1: Rave testimonials with specific details are available on request. (Such a request is what alerted me to my failure to provide praise on my own, in fact.)

NOTE2 : Apologies to anyone I’ve forgotten, and I probably have blanked on super important people because that’s how my brain doesn’t work sometimes. Some have been left off this list because they have moved on, moved up, changed priorities, & no longer do the kind of work they did for me–so it didn’t seem fair

NOTE3: I’ve also benefited from many supportive websites & social media resources. Too many, honestly, to list in full. Honorable mention to Writers Write on Facebook & the site

I’m wrapping there. What did I goof up or forget? Message me & I will fix any mistakes or oversights ASAP.

That’s it for this post. Until later!

One response to “People Recommendations!”

  1. jab42 Avatar

    Dex for the win! I’ve gotten great illustrations and he is doing my next cover (and redoing my first ). Highly recommended. I’ll have to check out some of the other names, thanks!