Patio pergola season

view of green lawn and garden beds from beneath a shaded patio pergola.

The patio pergola is open for writing, which means Herkes House is hot weather ready as we roll from May into June and the northern hemisphere midsummer meltdowns approach.

During summer I’d rather be outside at 85-90℉ than shivering indoors at 75-80℉, which is what happens once the A/C is on to keep Spouseman from baking to death.

AC creates cold drafts even at higher temps. I hate cold drafts.

Since the drainage work demolished the old backyard screen house, I needed a new outdoor space. Last year we put up a patio pergola.

Pergolas are fab in spring & fall, but shady they are not, and summer heat demands shade.

Spouseman and I installed a sun canopy on the pergola, which worked a treat, so this year we did it again, only I picked a better color this time. And now I’ve added outdoor curtains to keep the area shaded through the slanty-sun hours.


I even managed to install the curtain rods without shredding my fingers! I did break a drill bit, though. (Did you know drill bits go dull? I knew that, but I didn’t realize how FAST it happened.)

But I digress.

Patio pergola is now a delightful haven from the Cold Draft Zone.

Honestly, it’s much better than the spidery screen house ever was. The screen house was old, and the screens were super sketchy. It was better in concept than execution.

Today it’s 80ish℉ outside & 65℉ indoors. (old brick house. Lotsa heat mass.) So I wrote outside until I drained the laptop battery.

First official work in the patio office: Patreon posts for June. recipes, extras from new books & old, and lots of Pippin pictures for the cat tax.

Felt good. Bring on the summer. I’m ready.

(ps: for anyone worried that I’ll melt my laptop working outside when it’s really hot, I have an ice pack & baby fan rig specifically for keeping its operating temps reasonable.

Me things again! Here’s my first series of books:

The cover for Controlled Descent,  two figures slogging across a snowfield or glacier towards a futuristic city skyline under a clear blue sky with a contrail cutting across it.
Book 1
Broken heroes team up in self-defense & end up fighting for justice
the cover for Flight Plan, with a SanFrancisco skyline silhouetted against a fiery-red sky with black water in the foreground behind the title and smoke rising up behind the series logo.
Book 2
Accidental kidnappings, global conspiracies,
and tea breaks.
the cover for Weaving in the Ends, with two hands holding knitting needles and a square of blue knitting in the foreground beneath the title
Companion duology:
Chosen family shenanigans, knitting, & kittens.
The cover for Novices, with the silhouetted figures of two boys gazing across a farm field at sunrise toward a ruined city skyline.
The inevitable prequel.
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