Friday Fiction – 99 cents sale on ALL of the P.A.W.S. Saga

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Happy Friday everyone – I’ve got news. From now until July 14 ALL three of the P.A.W.S. Saga are just 99 cents in the US and 99p in the UK!

So get your paws on a copy today!


But wait – there’s more? Who here likes audio books? Well, you’re in luck because I’m also having an audio book giveaway this week. Click on the Rafflecopter logo to enter.


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Summer Reading Adventure on Wattpad!

I am posting a serial novel on the Wattpad website this summer. The book title is Downrigger, it’s a cyberpunky, dystopian-ish science-fiction thriller, and you can read it for free as I post and polish it chapter by chapter. More details on that at the bottom of this post, quick link right here:

Why am I doing a Wattpad book? That’s a story by itself and the reason for this post.

It starts with the quotation Art is never finished, only abandoned. That pithy remark is attributed to everyone from Leonardo Da Vinci and Picasso to W. H. Auden. I can’t source it definitively, but I do like it.  In this case this book that will never be finished, but it’s done enough to share.

Downrigger has been around long enough to legally buy and drink alcohol. Heck, it’s old enough that it wouldn’t get charged an exorbitant premium for auto insurance.  It’s been revised and re-written and updated, and it’s more than ready to meet readers.

Why offer it on Wattpad? Why not sell it?  Welp, to be blunt it’s a worthy and wonderful read, but it isn’t the right shape, size, or type of book I can sell.

Sure, I could make it commercially viable. I could force its adorable, sprawly epic mass through a formal editing and proofing process and turn out a heck of a thrilling novel…or two…or most likely three…but that would take a lot of time and creative energy I want need to devote to newer, shinier projects that excite me more. Not to mention money. Editing etc would cost money, and money is a thing.

Why not let it sit in a drawer until the time is right? Because if it stays on my hard drive, it will tug at my attention and demand I play with it, and I cannot afford that distraction. (see above, re: newer, exciting projects)

Also, I think now is the time.  Wattpad is a good open forum for free reading (you do NOT need to be a member to read as long as you bookmark the link to the book. Here’s that link again:

Book blurb & cover:

A soldier without a memory.  A secret government project pushing the frontiers of neurology and psychiatry. A nation rebuilding from the ashes of revolution, still torn by social and political strife, in a future where the boundaries between technology and society are blurring.

Doug Berman is a murderer, or so everyone tells him. He paid for his crime by forfeiting his past and starting over. Now he’s a file clerk for an isolated scientific community dedicated to psychiatric research and treatment, and he makes installments on his debt to society one dull, drudgery-filled day at a time.

When he’s offered the chance to play tour guide to the community’s newest group of clients and volunteer test subjects, he jumps at the chance for a little extra pay and a big break in routine.
But within seconds of meeting his first volunteer he suspects he’s made the second biggest mistake of his life.

Michael “Hook” Martinez doesn’t know his own full name, where he is, or how he got there, but he’s certain of one thing: his enemies want him to fail in his mission. Now, if only he can figure out what that mission is before someone gets killed…

This story takes place shortly after the Restoration of the United States, after the fiery violence of the Revision Years died down but before the chip rot plagues began.



Happy summer reading, all.

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5-minute free association writing

21 June. The word is enlightened.  A perfect word for the solstice, in my not-so-humble opinion. Not that enlightenment and light have any direct relationship, but in the realm of nouns that connect on the concept level, yeah. Light.

Today is the day of longest light from my self-centered Northern Hemisphere perspective, and it marks the turn towards days of more light in the Southern Hemisphere. A theme of light either way.

I know, enlightened doesn’t mean light-light. It’s all about mindful awareness an increased awareness/understanding of the universe and even feeling a sense of oneness with everything. It’s seeing things as they are, (Or that’s what I have at the top of my head as its meaning. I didn’t look it up.)

But it’s considered a goal, a good thing, an aspiration. People are encouraged to aspire, to become enlightened.

But when I hear enlightened, contrarian I am, I wonder why we associate good things with light and darkness with ignorance, bad things, and even evil. Why can’t we feel at one with the dark of night as much as the light of day? Why is sight the only sense we associate with knowledge? Why can’t we seek comprehension by digging into the lightless, dense depths of spirit and thought, and soak ourselves in understanding?

Or something like that. Hey, I only had five minutes here.

word provided by Esther Olson

I’m making things happen

All about my latest author-ish doings.

The biggest project has been stalled for a while: getting all my Rough Passages tales into a print collection as had to wait while the In-House Final Approvals Department deat with some painful and frustrating health issues.  There’s been improvement of late, and the formatting review is moving again.  I’m hoping to reveal the cover in July and publish in August. Watch this space for excited gushing.

The other project, filed under self-indulgence:  publishing the oldest of my Restoration novels as a serial on Wattpad. I’ve been polishing the old prose and posting once a week, but I did a little arithmetic. If I don’t start posting at least twice a week, it will drag into the next decade.

Interested? You don’t need a Wattpad account to read it, but if you have one, you get to vote on each chapter. Votes provide me with vastly important “someone didn’t hate this” feedback, and they also give my tale more visibility. Visibility maybe gains me a reader or two. (An author can dream, can’t she?)  Oh, a LINK? Sure. That’d be useful. Here it is:

The OTHER other project:  honing my wordcrafting skills with free-writing. Yesterday’s five-minute warmup went almost 20 minutes because I got to pondering and enjoying the byroads. Here it is in its entirety, and at the bottom is a link to the blog where I’m posting the cute little things as I write them.

14 June. The word is forgiveness.

This is a tough one. Thinking of what to say, I mean, not forgiveness itself. I have a hard time holding a grudge even when given a bucket to put it in. I’m easy to rile up, too and maybe that’s part of it.

Forgiveness is a powerful healing force, and when I’m dishing it out I would rather err on the side of responsible, respectful generosity than withhold it and kill off something that really needed a dose of it. Which isn’t to say I don’t sulk, or never demand apologies or reparations. I can sulk like a champ, and I am usually embarassingly forthright about demanding redress for wrongs.

I just don’t ask for penance and then keep being angry. Bygones are gone.  I hae to work hard to stay angry when I’m wrong, even when I know I should hold onto it. I see others save up wrongs and slights all the time. It has to be like living in a cloud of smoke. . Maybe knowing how easy it is to do something harsh in the heat of the moment, makes it easier for me to forgiving those who trespass against me?

I dunno.  I know that odd phrase is always my go-to when pondering forgiveness. From the Lord’s Prayer. The way I learned it, it went, “Forgive us  our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.”  As an adult I recognize it’s not meant as a contingency–for those who believe in the Christian God, acceptance is not based on performance in the forgiveness arena or anywhere else–but the proximity of the two ideas does set a good example, which is a thing kids and adults can always use.

When it comes to fiction, especially screen fiction, I think forgiveness is often horribly mispresented. Characters shrug off betrayals quickly and on emotionally shaky grounds, and they dismiss hellacious wrongdoings for the slimmest of excuses–as long as the plot requires the characters to get along, or as long as they are both Good People, ( however good is defined in the plot.)

There’s a scene in a late season of Angel where one heroic character –for Good Reasons–badly wrongs the protagonist, resulting in an un-fixable loss. The scene showing their first meeting after The Badness starts off playing out the way such things usually do, with apologies made, and acceptance and understanding discussed…and then the wronged protagonist goes for the guy’s throat.

The scene sticks with me because I was braced for the usual disappointment of powerful pain being played for drama without consequences. It felt real in a way television rarely did at the time.

Forgiveness is a powerful force. Misrepresentation does it a disservice by making it appear trivial. And I think the way that distorts expectations might actually be dangerous.

But I’m already way over time, so I won’t be discussing it. Forgive me? I’ll leave that exercise to the reader.

Word provided by Maria Turner

Here’s the blog link:

I’ll only be updating those 2-3x a week from now on, to give me more time for the Wattpad project.

Best for last, I am still working on Heartwood. That’s my heart’s project, pun fully intended, and it’s regaining momentum after the above-mentioned illness in the household. No, I wasn’t the one suffering, but I was the one shouldering all the sundry everythings and doing my share of worrying. And if the last two years have taught me anything, it’s that I am not a person who can dive into my own world as an escape stress and exhaustion in this one. I wish I was, but I am not.

So I work from where I am, and I am now carving out moments here and there and re-establishing a routine. Progress!

Huzzahs all around.

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The latest in things

The latest in updates.

Things viewed:

Wonder Woman. It did not disappoint. It thrilled, it pleased, it made me laugh…and a few million people are deep in the honeymoon phases of “I lurve this thing more than anything ever” so I will keep my assorted nit-picky “I wish this trope would DIE” grumbles to myself. I adore Gail Gadot and I thought her casting was a fab choice all along, so I get to say VINDICATED!!! with shoutycaps and extra exclamation points.

And I hope WW ends up with more movies than Superman and Batman combined.

Tammy. I do not know why I put this in my Netflix queue. I dd not hate it. Plenty of hists and some big misses. Not my kind of humor for the most part, and some bits of it actively offended, but…when Melissa McCarthy hits it, she knocks it out of the park. So.

Sense8. Season 2: I enjoyed…but.  SO MUCH BUTT. (sorry could not resist.) The writing went into a sadly predictable Wachowski Bros tailspin (all pretty, no plot, coincidences get capped by dei ex machina and are trumped by absurdities, while character contradictions breed like mice)  In short, I can see why it got cancelled. The expensive music rights for all the long, lingering Feelings Montages had to be adding up too. If they’d indulged in less Moody Prettiness and added more plot progression instead, the costs might have been justifiable, but no.

Gotta say, though– if it had been renewed,  I would have eventually hated it. The Asian Female Martial Artist Stereotype’s inability to remain clothed already had me ranting on Facebook, and it takes a lot to get me complaining about that trope.  I have SUPER-high tolerance for justifying nudity. BUT.  Sense8’s female nudity was heavily sexualized where the male nakedness was not, AND the flesh-baring was disappointingly far from equal-opportunity. One Super-Hot Gay Latin Movie Star and lots of butts in orgy scenes do not balance out the half-naked girl-fights and bad-girl seductions. And that was only one trope. There were more spinning out of control.

So, anyway, I loved the first season, I loved parts of the second one, and I wish they could have a few episodes to wrap up the plots that were nearly complete, but season 2 destroyed my faith in the writers’ ability to complete any story in a satisfactory way.  Ah, well. On to the next show. Here’s hoping Stranger Things gets its sophomore season right, and that Black Mirror can keep up its streak.

Things Read:

I have only three more Grace Burrowes books left to read, and then I will have to leave Regency/Victorian England and move to 1635 or 1636 or whatever year that alternate history series has reached. I need to pick a non-fiction read for June too.  Haven’t decided on a topic, so suggestions are welcomed.

Things Uncategorized:

  • I had on my caregiver hat for most of May (those life detours, they keep a-coming) so several author expectations got sidelined and/or postponed. The format review for Rough Passages collection is complete, and Powerhouse is nearly ready for audio release.  Designing new business cards, bookmarks and other swag is still on the to-do list. (I collected great ideas for beyond-bookmarks swag from the SFWA Nebulas conference! But that’s another post.)  Stay tuned for announcements, but don’t hold your breath.
  • Spouseman is healing up from the last round of repairs and gaining back stamina, so that means we’re getting garden-puttering done and walking regularly again. We are planning day trips and possibly even a Real Vacation ™ soonish. V exciting.
  • I have discovered the productivity app/role-playing game/community and am still loving it to pieces after several weeks, which bodes well for it becoming a favored tool in the life organization kit.
  • I have renewed my resolve to stop stressing over my inability to Produce At Speed. With that pressure removed, things are flowing again. I am simmering scenes for a new project on the back burner while I edge ever-so-slowly towards completing Heartwood.  The Habitica and Freedom apps are limitingtime lost online, and I’m keeping my brain energized by doing regular writing warm-ups and posting on the Other Things blog. (linked for the curious)

It’s summer, and the things, they keep happening. Expect pictures in future posts.

PS: my hair is still blue.

Not tired of my words yet? My published works are available on Amazon and all the other usual online retailers, or you can take free peeks at them on my website on this page 

Science-fiction thrillers, science-fiction romance, and science fantasy, full length novels and shorter works. So many choices! Here be direct links to the published stories that have escaped the confines of Amazon.