On the trail of new tunes

Finding high-energy workout music from the last 10 years was harder than I expected.

Playlist searches got me remixed oldies, EDM or rap/hip-hop (all of which which I like, but the 1st is outside parameters, while the 2nd & 3rd intrude on hyperfocus.)

And I got screaming Scandinavians if I used heavy metal as a keyword.

I had to search for “new bands like___” to get lists I could mine for names.

Happy ending: TIL the 70’s rock sound is having a comeback, & 8 yr old me is v happy.

Bands I’m listening to at the moment:



Greta Van Fleet

(none of those are exactly new, but they’ve dropped albums in the required timeframe.)

Also listening to Bebe Rexha, because a teen patron at the ‘brar shared their ultra-excitement about road-tripping to Toronto for a concert this summer, & enthusiasm is contagious.