Off balance a bit

I’ve felt off balance since I torqued my shoulder last week. Still feeling a bit wobbly, five days out, and that means major focus issues. The fancy Advil/Tylenol combo pills help, but the pain still creeps up. Air quality like soup, heat that causes instant fatigue, and multiple big rainstorms didn’t do my body any favors either.

Things have happened despite the wobblies. Overnight friend visit. Garden Project & Garden Project Cleanup happened. New books got read. New Television series have been watched.

You know what that means, right? It’s list time!

New books/authors:

  • A Coup of Tea, Stacey Blair: cozy second world fantasy with found family heroine’s journey vibes, intriguing worldbuild, magic, and yes, TEA. I sure as hell hope there are more of these because I need ALL of this.
  • Two different series by Stephanie Burgis. Clean/sweet fantasy romances/alternate history British comedies of manners. Elves & magic in one series, pet dragons in the other. Lovely, light, & fluffy reads, like dessert mousses.

Also, the Viewing:

  • Deadloch. A VERY gay, enemies-to-besties cop buddy mystery set in small town New Zealand? With lots of self-aware social commentary that refuses to take itself seriously? YES PLEASE.
  • Ghosts. the American show AND the British one. FWIW this is one of the rare instances where I like the American copycat better than the original. The British one is definitely darker in mood, the ghosts more stereotyped, and the series are shorter so there isn’
  • Almost Paradise. This one is…has Christian Kane, and I would watch him in much worse shows than this one. It’s filmed in the Phillipines, and it’s a basic decent cop-buddies-plus-civilian-expert fantasy with solid acting.
  • Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. The Trekkiest of the Treks in decades.

Other random recent accomplishments:

  • wrote a bit in the Serena story.
  • made almond-vanilla shortbreads with actual caster sugar. Yes, it does make the cookies taste different. Better? Mmm, yes.
  • Made jello. Because when I don’t feel good, I eat like a 10 year old from 1974.
  • sent out the Immortality story to interested Patreon followers & got some feedback.
  • Played silly games like Cats & Soup on my ipad.
  • Did a bunch of laundry (THE NEVERENDING CHORE)
  • Brushed Pips, took Pips to the vet for his annual checkup, spoiled Pips with treats, and removed Pips from various places he should’ve have been.

Feels like I did something else, but I can’t remember what, which isn’t exactly a shock. Thanks, off balance brain. Let’s call this one done.

Oh, wait. Pics!

First tomato, shortbreads in progress, and a blurry hummingbird.

And of cour, a plug for my latest book.

The Sharp Edge of Yesterday

A mother on the run from her criminal past can’t escape the dangerous superpower developing inside her own body.

Grace Reed just wants to be left alone with her daughters, her small business and her quiet suburban life.

Fate has something bigger planned for all of them.

A contemporary fantasy novel about coming of age in middle age, The Sharp Edge Of Yesterday is in bookstores & libraries now.

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Cover for Sharp Edge of Yesterday: A Rollover Novel, showing a woman in flames crossing an autumn meadow under a deep blue partyl-cloudy sky

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