October Word 3

The month’s latest random act of typing (See the first post in the series for explanation)

October 3. Fruitful

Ooo, ew. It’s all BE FRUITFUL AND MULTIPLY! MAKE BABIES, WIMMINS. Okay, no. let’s not do that picture. Let’s see. Fruit. Full. Full of fruit. Like a farmstand. Or one of those centerpieces that only come out for Thanksgiving, the so-very-American embarrassment festival of consumption the not celebration so much as the shamelessness of overindulgence. Fruitful as too much fruit, as it were.  I suppose fruitfulness is also about increase and growth, having enough to resow from what’s been harvested from what’s sown, with a sense of nurture and effort, and passing along to the future. So…maybe not bad after all.

Stay tuned or tune out, there will be more.