October Word 2

The month’s 2nd random act of typing (See previous post for explanation)

October 2. Doorman

Door. Man. Well, now, that does bring a picture to mind. Brass buttons on a long, red coat, funny hat, gloves, standing guard at the portal to some obscenely expensive building where people would look at me funny for Not Belonging. Or wait. No. A door man could also be a man made out of a door. A two-sided kind of a person. Or it could be a person you have to go through to get where  you want to go…which, basically ANY man in a woman’s life. Now I’m thinking of those game where some guy is standing in the middle of wherever, with a light shining down, and you have to interact with them to get something. They’re all doormen.

Stay tuned or tune out, there will be more.