Note To Self

I have a cold. Do I have to make werddddszz? For five whole minutes? *sob*
Ooo, how about give y’all a picture? Here’s a lovely thing I found  online last week courtesy of Elephant Meditation by way of S. A. Gibson. I’d like to provide writer & art attribution, but its ubiquity defeated me.
note to self

It’s good advice in a perfect package.  The danger part?  I’ll always fail there, what with the adrenaline addiction and all. Lucky me, there are plenty of harmless hazards out there to indulge in. And helmets. I’m big into safety equipment both literal and metaphorical.

That’s all I gots. May the day bring all good things to everyone.

Time: 11 AMish
Tea: Irish Breakfast.  (See? Not a tea snob.)
Steep: The bag’s still in the cup.

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