New technology observations.

Been thinking about the reality that upgrading computerized hardware is far more like “brought home a new kitten” than it is to “brought home a new tool.” Fun & exhilarating, but distracting & often frustrating in unexpected ways.

And everything these days is a computer.

This post brought to you by the realization that my 16-year-old car is on its last tire & the new one will be packed with technology.

None of the controls will be in the right place, will they? I’m officially a curmudgeon now, aren’t I?

2 responses to “New technology observations.”

  1. Karen Joy Creamer Avatar
    Karen Joy Creamer

    I should tell you about my rental, used while my 30 year old car was in the shop. The gear shift looked like the knob on my washer, or an oven knob, and there was no discernable way to pop the gas cap to add gasoline as required to car return. I was ever so happy to slot my butt back into the spot it had worn into that 30n year old driver’s seat of mine.
    Good luck, and happy upgrades!

    1. K. M. Herkes Avatar

      TY! I feel like I should be doing a pre-flight checklist when I get behind the wheel of a car these days. I still hold out hope that designers come to their senses & swing the balance between screens & buttons back to simple things getting simple controls, but, ya know, I’m an optimist.

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