New Nightly Destination!

It’s always interesting when new destinations pop up in my patchwork dream geography. (Just as often the dreams are beyond interpreting as anything other than the misfires of an overheated physio-chemical pudding encased in bone, but that’s not the point, today.)

I am certain that Paul isn’t planning on transferring to some unspecified location in California — think of Hollywood’s take on LA more or less. If we did move to Lalaland, I am equally certain we would not be renting an apartment in a 25 story building that has all its apartments along maze-like corridors that vary by floor.

 If, for some unlikely reason, that event occurred, I am positively, absolutely certain that the floor plan for said apartment would not be a larger, more antique-y east-facing variant of an apartment we rented in Deer Grove Illinois for 5 years or so.

This area is still an intriguing addition to my inner world. The apartment building in all its hugeness is located within a long walk of my dream geography Borders store, despite being in a barely-gentrified slum zone. At first you wouldn’t realize that the area is seamy: the apartment is gorgeous. The danger signs are all behind-the-scenes like the fire exits, which lead to scary stairwells in narrow allyways blocked by garbage and debris.

At one point I was trying to reenter the building through such a side door (I’d forgotten something at home and had to run back on my lunch hour to retrieve it, and I learned that while the building is close, it’s along, long detour to actually walk there instead of driving along roads that had no sidewalks.) Once inside the security door I got trapped between it and the building door at the end of the alley, which showed signs of past burning and seemed to be boarded over with plywood from the inside. (Turns out the plywood was only propped up, and just had to be moved aside…why? It’s a dream, who knows?)

The building has the fastest elevators imaginable, but they can get stuck between floors.

There’s a ghost of a mummy between the 6th and 7th floors. One of the neighbors showed it to me while showing me a shortcut to get back to work faster.

Does any of this mean anything? Doubtful. Was it entertaining? Hells, yes. The other neighbors are even stranger than the one who showed me the mummy.
Life can be weird. Dreams are always weirder.
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