Name that Niche

One of my favorite holiday books stars Opus the penguin. It is called, “A Wish For Wings That Work.”  I spotted the title while on a basement scouting quest to locate decoration boxes, and it reminded me of another impractical wish, one that I throw at stars now and then.

I want a label.

I write fantastic stories about heroic people dealing with weird shit.
Some of these characters live in a dystopian future (Stories of the Restoration)  others inhabit an alternate present filled with magic that humanity treats like science. (Rough Passages )  My protagonists are all broken people, most are marginalized, and many are not traditionally sympathetic.  They fight circumstance and inner demons as often as villains, and they don’t always win.

Name that genre!

No?  Yeah, it stumps me, too.

I know what my stories are not. They are not “military fiction” despite the number of times that phrase comes up in reviews. Sweet jeepers, how I hate that label. Characters in uniform do not make a tale military any more than female characters make one “women’s fiction.”

My stories are also not exactly thrillers, nor suspense. They aren’t even science fiction except in the broadest speculative sense.
I will cop to penning two romances. The rest are what they are. They’re mine, and they make me proud. I just wish I knew what to call them.

That is all.

7 responses to “Name that Niche”

  1. gibsonauthor Avatar

    Conflict Speculative fiction?

    1. Dawnrigger Avatar

      Except that it isn’t conflict fiction, either. There is, in fact, much less conflict than most

  2. gibsonauthor Avatar

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    1. Dawnrigger Avatar


  3. metallicwolff Avatar

    Urbatopia Thrillafiction…Just make something up. Whatever you call it, it’s great writing.

  4. metallicwolff Avatar

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    Whatever you call it, it’s great writing.

  5. Leticia Toraci Avatar

    I had doubts about this genre definition too. I decided to call mine “fantasy with science fiction elements” because so people could call also Star Wars which has space ships and aliens, but not an alternate future or especulation about the future of mankind. Perhaps you can use this label too, it”s just a label, it doesn’t define the whole of your work.

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