Don’t You Think It’s Shiny?


Say hello to the new combined edition of my romance novellas. They fit between my techno-thriller novels like a crunchy, tasty, science-fictiony sandwich, and My Big June Project has been getting them formatted for release.41vyhm5b7rl

The electronic version is now available! YAY!
<cue confetti-drop>  I’m so proud. So happy. Color me pleased as punch. Whatever flavor punch you wish to picture.

And yet…I dropped this new release into the world more like a mama turtle burying eggs in the sand than an author with a great new book to sell, didn’t I?  No teasers, reveals,  or Big Announcements building up to a highly-anticipated release day. No author or character  interviews scheduled, no promotions lined up on free sites or purchased in email newsletters.

Why Not? Fair question. Why I am a wallflower at all the indie author marketing dances?

The answer is this: my pride in my work is as deep as powerful as a thousand suns, but my belief in the efficacy of Accepted Marketing Techniques is weak. Non-existent, even. My wish to see my book succeed does not translate into Taking The Usual Actions–especially not for this book.  17 years of industry experience tells me my time and money are better spent promoting new-new releases rather than hyping newly-repackaged ones.

Even if I’m repackaging AWESOME GREAT WRITING. Which of course it is.

My other excuse for the hands-off parenting style? My passionate desire to spend more time making words than touting them. I have a new audiobook to nurture too, and So Many Other Projects. There are not enough hours in the year.

Thus I won’t be scheduling rounds of blogs tours or arranging ads or doing, well, anything else to promote the ebook edition of Weaving In The Ends. True confession: I won’t do a big push for the print edition either. I imagine the next question from a hypothetical infomercial audience member would be this: why bother releasing it at all if I’m going to abandon it?

Why not? entered strongly into the my reasoning. The short form: it was a by-product of formatting a print edition.  Here’s the full story for those with severe insomnia.

I had a revelation after I finished pummeling Scrivener into submission over print compile templates. That’s how many things happen with me: I putter, I poke at new things, I pull them apart, and THEN I see how obviously all their parts fit together. My revelation? “Golly-gee-whiz, if I’m compiling the book for print, can’t I compile the same manuscript as an ebook for Kindle? I mean, that’s what Scrivener is good at doing, right?”

Right. Since I was in no hurry to proof the print edition because print cover wasn’t done, I  decided to make an ebook version, and that led me down the deep rabbit hole of side projects I wrote about here. I emerged with a shiny bright ebook manuscript ready to upload to Kindle Digital Publishing.

But I wasn’t done yet!  I didn’t have a cover;  I hadn’t expected to need one until the end of the month after fighting the print typography and proofing fights.)  No problem, I decided.  I can whip together a simple ebook cover. Heck, I enjoy making ebook covers, even if they do look a bit like someone let a dachshund loose with roll of butcher paper and a box of crayons.

I whipped together a cover courtesy of Gimp and, and then I sensibly decided to wait until I was awake to post it all to Kindle. Once I tidied up all the things I missed when I was tired, I hit publish. It went live in record time, and someone downloaded it.

Done. I’m a happy mama turtle crawling back to the ocean to do research for the next story. Oh! Oh! Wait! I should post the info for Weaving In The Ends, I suppose. Here ya go:

Amazon buy link and the teaser copy.

The future will bring technological revolutions and political upheaval, but some things are timeless.
Lovers meet, lives change, and nothing ever goes as planned.
The Partners Books: now together in one volume!

Turning the Work

When fate brings Carl Jenson to Felicity Chen’s yarn shop, she sees dollar signs first, not a lover. Her thriving craft business keeps her too busy for fun—or so she tells herself. When she meets Carl, she decides  time with tall, blond and mysterious would be an excellent investment.

Carl Jenson gave up on love years ago.  Spying for the government of the Restored United States isn’t a career that comes with a future. Carl is content to drift along without commitments between jobs. Then his recuperating partner drags him to the knitter’s shop on a side mission.

Felicity is ready to grab opportunity with both hands, and she makes Carl an offer he would be a fool to refuse. A temporary arrangement is all he can afford, but that’s all Felicity expects. It seems like a perfect bargain.

In the end, they both get a better deal than they ever could’ve imagined.

Joining In The Round

When Felicity Chen’s thriving craft store burns to the ground, she swallows her pride and accepts the grudging help of her extended family. Any roof is better than none, but after three months of loving suffocation, Felicity is ready to jump at any chance to escape.

Opportunity arrives in the form of strangers who bring unexpected news. Felicity spent her summer in the arms of a mysterious stranger who left without warning.

Now he’s back, and his friends are pleading for help only Felicity can provide. When they throw in an offer of sanctuary, she leaps without looking back.

I’ll get it added to the books page here in due time where due time means “when I have links for all the assorted new things collected and only have to fight with screen formatting and links.”

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